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Susan Luebbe
Susan Luebbe پیش ماه
Exotic Reptile Creations - Brian Berchtold
Get Jacked. Stay Jacked! 💪🏻
Jon Luebbe
Jon Luebbe پیش ماه
Tim Bow
Tim Bow پیش ماه
Sarms? Nothing wrong with responsible PED use. I mean, Chandler isn't eating Trenbolobey Sandwiches for lunch 🤣 (yet)
Jon Luebbe
Jon Luebbe پیش ماه
Ewwwww yeeeeaaaaa!
Tyler Grauman
Tyler Grauman پیش 6 روز
“Can you not see because of the light?” Nah, I’m just super fucking baked, bruv.
Seth Oceans
Seth Oceans پیش 20 روز
I like the fact that Chandler thinks he’s an actual predator 😂
Alan Day
Alan Day پیش 22 روز
An you just mowed down Bear!
JoJo Mafia
JoJo Mafia پیش 23 روز
I've always ate Italian dressing with my Fish! 😋 Never had it with frog legs but sounds delicious! Yunmmy! Occasionally good marinating pork chops in too! Lol.
genius2012 پیش 24 روز
Not sure if you have Kroger in Florida where you are, but they carry the official Chick-Fil-A Sauce (and their Polynesian Sauce also) in the condiments section!
cutecutt پیش 26 روز
Oh my gosh that outdoor kitchen!!!!!! I'm soooooo excited!!!! That's awesome man!!!
Nico Weik
Nico Weik پیش 27 روز
French people be like 🤤
luvsanimals2 پیش 27 روز
Chick Fil A sauce is the best!!!
Matthew Garcia
Matthew Garcia پیش 28 روز
what happened to bongos?
Maria Turner
Maria Turner پیش 29 روز
Lol dude that chick-fa-la place is bonkers wherever that place is. If I was there I’d be like i wanna talk to the manager and if the manger told me i can’t have any more sauce I’m gonna tell them that they just lost a customer and I’ll write a bad relieve and tell everyone I know and don’t know not to come to this chick-fa-la because you didn’t give me enough sauce.
David پیش 29 روز
Hey Chandler, I think I've found out why your neighbors aren't really liking you there...
Gemma Söder
Gemma Söder پیش ماه
If I may say so this video before this was with the blond young lady and that just made me (and a lot of friends in Holland also ) question if it’s about education and helping animals or just likes on IRitem 🤨! It made you’re fans in Holland increasing so hard . Maybe the way the video was made because it was like she admired you and was touching you and looked like it’s was more a dating show than an educational video. Sorry to say but you dropped like 75% of incredibility with that and that’s not the way to go for you . And that’s also all over Facebook and Instagram maybe Instagram not public. No disrespect for the lovely young lady she seems very very nice and is also very good looking . It was just more the setup and video that was like a soap series that made it drop many followers and fans . Hope you see this and even take the time to think about this . Education has nothing to do with girls flirting or touching like that video
The Bloody English
The Bloody English پیش ماه
Probably won't be seen but thought it might be helpful to know (not a hate comment just hopefully an informative one). That method of dispatching the frogs isn't a humane method as the heads will remain conscious for several hours due to them (as well as other Amphibians and reptiles) being able to survive a long time on very low oxygen. The most humane way is to destroy the brain (like a zombie 😅👌). If you're unsure how smashing it with blunt force with a hammer of something is the best way, not like you're gonna be eating the head anyway. However if you are confident and want them more presentable for filming things like pithing or stabbing through the brain with a knife or dispatch spike ect will work perfectly fine. But yeah cutting the back of the neck or even decapitation aren't humane ways of dispatching Amphibians or Reptiles (neither is putting in the freezer btw as while it's listed as humane legally that's in the context of using liquid nitrogen on very small herps not shoving anything in your home freezer). But yeah the blinking seen when they're being flipped over isn't just nerves that's just from the frogs still being alive. Again not a hate comment, I personally eat/hunt invasive frogs and invasive turtles and other stuff. Just hoping this will be seen before another video like this that might cause an explosion of hate towards you if it was to get trending.
Ryan پیش ماه
Id love to see a colab with you and deermeatfordinner!
Romanyfaye پیش ماه
Hey I didn’t know you had a 2nd channel.
jean philippe Lacoste
jean philippe Lacoste پیش ماه
Salut! I’m French. We’re frog eaters to😋 Love your channel. Hail to the King Blessed you!
Gale C
Gale C پیش ماه
Love frog legs. May have to try the Italian dressing.
Johnny’s exotics Animal’s in California
Exciting can’t wait for the Extra stuff
S H پیش ماه
You got land bro! How do I donate to you! Proud of you sir!
Chief MoodyBZK
Chief MoodyBZK پیش ماه
Mike Bothwell
Mike Bothwell پیش ماه
From Canada but would love to try that
Ch3vy4Lif3 4x4
Ch3vy4Lif3 4x4 پیش ماه
@Chandlers Wild Life....My guy girl sexy time or clean snake cages ahhh hello dude earth to chandler
Darrin Pingleton
Darrin Pingleton پیش ماه
Lose the chick 💪🏼
Darrin Pingleton
Darrin Pingleton پیش ماه
Lol chandler is the 🐐 for telling ole girl to leave 😂😂😂 he’s like nah I gotta clean the gator cage
Stephen Lukovich
Stephen Lukovich پیش ماه
Lol. Nice to have so ole trashy miami girls by you.
Naeem Dule Montejo Ferrel
Why is Al putting her hands on you? Mmmm?
The Bois Gaming
The Bois Gaming پیش ماه
Chandler love what you do and your animals
That other Main protagonist
Note on not wasting the frog heads/torsos (skinned)put a little salt and pepper then bake or air fry them to a crisp and they make some pretty good dog treats (my dogs love them)
Trinolin Pillay
Trinolin Pillay پیش ماه
Chandler you living my dream!! Hit me up if you're ever I South Africa... I'll hook up a day at Croc City
Bianca VA
Bianca VA پیش ماه
Ewww 🤮🤮🤮
Bankkwaydre پیش ماه
I see you chandler got him a hot one
Gina Howey
Gina Howey پیش ماه
12:01 Ahhh omg. Its headless, it's been skinned and it still wants to run the fuck away 🤯😅
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis پیش ماه
Chandler, you have really stepped it up a notch, much more professional. Excellent, every single part and very, very funny. Sort of a mix of the old T.V. series M.A.S.H and Gilligan's Island, which I grew up with.
Mobus Seven
Mobus Seven پیش ماه
Why isn't the second channel featured on the channel tab of this channel?
P arrant
P arrant پیش ماه
Tried subscribing to the new channel but can’t find it anywhere. I’d it up yet??
XxKillShotxX209 _YT ツ
Al is f%# ing ?🔥 hot AF
XxKillShotxX209 _YT ツ
Is Al your girlfriend???????
vermas4 پیش ماه
4:16 ...you think?
Unicornfarts پیش ماه
"I don't do leg day I don't believe in it." 🤣 Also Al is a national Florida treasure and I'd volunteer to protect her fish and wildlife anyday 💕👀
Creo loves holty
Creo loves holty پیش ماه
Love what you do with the wild life is it going to be open to the public to go through and see them?
Efishnsee پیش ماه
Love your stuff chandler keep it up and stay humble !!
Dominique Veron
Dominique Veron پیش ماه
The girlfriend & interaction with her, even as a joke is OFFENSIVE.
Vojtěch Fíla
Vojtěch Fíla پیش ماه
What's the song at 6:34 pleeeaaaaseee ? Great video as always
Troi Cadaoas
Troi Cadaoas پیش ماه
HAAHAHAHHAAHHAH chandler the stud
Snypes EoE
Snypes EoE پیش ماه
Nobody: Da frogs when their getting seasoned: I’m dead but alive
STAMEY 23 پیش ماه
Collab with cash nasty
Suraj shrestha
Suraj shrestha پیش ماه
That’s your sister ❤️
Ifizz T
Ifizz T پیش ماه
you should be verifieddddd
egg پیش ماه
you need to try alligator tastes like chickens
ian bustard
ian bustard پیش ماه
I appreciate how he didn’t use the girl for clickbait only a good ol boat😂😂
wim neven
wim neven پیش ماه
Here in Belgium and also in France and Italy we eat froglegs. We normaly cook them with some garlic... Greeting from BELGIUM!!!! ps: keep up the great and amazone stuff you're doing
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat پیش ماه
That was friggin awesome...go fella's...
T B پیش ماه
Really love the channel and think Al seems lovely. Just feel like she was portrayed as more of a sexualised object then a person in the video.
Kurtis Taddey
Kurtis Taddey پیش ماه
We hunt and eat them up here in Wisconsin too
Giannis Ioakeimidis
Giannis Ioakeimidis پیش ماه
Yep, definitely not staged. If you wear this shirt, 100% all the ladies will be out to get you. GJ BROTHER 👊
Josh Hibbs
Josh Hibbs پیش ماه
They have a kind of a texture like fish. You always hear THEY TASTE LIKE CHICKEN, but not true. More like fish to me. It is so good though. My dad’s friend was the head game warden for Louisiana wildlife and fisheries and he would give us a ton of frog legs every time they would go out and catch them. 👍🏼🐸
Jazmine Sanchez
Jazmine Sanchez پیش ماه
My boy Rob from DMFD loves using Everglades Original!! Y’all should do a colab Catch clean and cook on your second channel!!
Josh Hibbs
Josh Hibbs پیش ماه
This must be an awesome neighbor and not one of the ones that were worried about you moving to the neighborhood. 🤙🏼
Rocky G
Rocky G پیش ماه
Joshua Dill
Joshua Dill پیش ماه
I tryed to subscibe but it wouldn't show your new page keep going back to your existing page
Sae Rin
Sae Rin پیش ماه
Yummy chicken flavored frog 😋🤤
This Dude’s A Dick
This Dude’s A Dick پیش ماه
Umm....you gonna introduce us all to that chick?! Lol keep living the life my brother!
electric fil
electric fil پیش ماه
When your puppy grows up and is 100+ pounds she's gonna still want you to pick her up.😄✌
Greg Coates
Greg Coates پیش ماه
That Al gal is very cool
Louisiana Girl
Louisiana Girl پیش ماه
You should clear your calendar come alligator hunting with us. It's always around labor day, but it's all about managing here.
Inga Hall
Inga Hall پیش ماه
Interesting. Never seen frogs like that. Do u eat the foot/toes; looks sharp? Hope u recycled the organs for ur snakes, crocs or turtle??
MenzySports پیش ماه
Al was a much more natural actor on camera than most people are. I’m inclined to believe he hired a local actress just for this
Unicornfarts پیش ماه
Al was absolutely precious 💕
Kyana Roberts
Kyana Roberts پیش ماه
Al likes youuuuuu! You have mastered the way of saying no to the female species. You are now a true man! (lol) I love your vids I subed to you second channel can't wait to see vids on it I am definitely going to turn my post notifications on!🦎🐍🐊🐸
Shortzy پیش ماه
Subbed to the Extra Wild Life for Al.
Shortzy پیش ماه
I knew he was gay!! ;) you better love you some Al!!!
Andrew George Comeau
Andrew George Comeau پیش ماه
I love you Chan, but I could have done without the frog legs.lol . I'm from New England and we eat frog legs too on occasion, but they were never my thing. It doesn't mean I'll stop watching ,but wow I didn't watch that ., Love and respect from MA
Shrimp Daddy
Shrimp Daddy پیش ماه
7:48 😉😉
Taylor miner
Taylor miner پیش ماه
Not a single video on other channel and almost 8000 subs 😂
Candice wdub
Candice wdub پیش ماه
Has a beautiful bbq, chooses to use a frypan to cook the legs
Victor Andrei
Victor Andrei پیش ماه
Chandler: We're about to go for frogs . . . snakes . . . Kevin: Feed me, b$tch. Justina: = starts attacking her cage =
InfiniteTVXQ پیش ماه
I am glad you warned me ahead of time about the murder of those poor frogs........next time, maybe.
Hunter Mooney
Hunter Mooney پیش ماه
Looks good chandler, also don't know if it was just a bit with the gal but maybe u should give her a chance lmao it would be nice seeing a ms. Wildlife
Diellza L
Diellza L پیش ماه
Who's that girl?
ezlo90 پیش ماه
Does Chandlers extra wild life, come with extra Al? 😂
Israel Garcia
Israel Garcia پیش ماه
7:49 the frog moved and blinked
Boris پیش ماه
Um, poor frogs): RIP y u do dis chandler. No offense.
Flynn Mathis
Flynn Mathis پیش ماه
Bruh you should've asked her to help you with the cages. Also make time for her too
Patrick Flug
Patrick Flug پیش ماه
What kind of frogs are those?
Yung Leche
Yung Leche پیش ماه
Stay gangster 😎 and extra gangster on the new channel 😎
19bearsfansince79 پیش ماه
Chandler turning down his assistant...just 😯😯
Brad Hanson
Brad Hanson پیش ماه
Going to need a outdoor kitchen/pool tour!
Dusty Hayes
Dusty Hayes پیش ماه
All because of you and showing me how awesome king cobras are, I bought a all hail the king sweatshirt and a kcc t-shirt. Thank you for being you.
Just a Mango
Just a Mango پیش ماه
This was way funnier than it should be
Cody Ginther
Cody Ginther پیش ماه
I hope Chandler hangs out with Ruth off camera. Shes so wholesome and a sweetheart!
Linda Caudill
Linda Caudill پیش ماه
Chandler I looked up Chandlers Extra Wildlife on IRitem but there's no where to subscribe. How can I subscribe if I can't find where to subscribe?
Matthew Hamill
Matthew Hamill پیش ماه
I love the doorag and glasses🤣🤣can you do a comment read please, some of these are hilarious?
Cane Cordle
Cane Cordle پیش ماه
Two channels sweet
TheDrHao پیش ماه
Btw its better not to use extra virgin olive oil for cooking , cause if its too warm its not good.
Love my DandyLion
Love my DandyLion پیش ماه
Matthew Hamill
Matthew Hamill پیش ماه
I already love this channel more than your other 1, and your other 1 was my favorite IRitem channel for 2 years
victoria bgm
victoria bgm پیش ماه
The parts Chandler screams at the girl are so unnecessary and cringey.
Rhonda Peralta
Rhonda Peralta پیش ماه
Love it yummy 😋😍😜😊😘😉😋
Gabriel Dunnam
Gabriel Dunnam پیش ماه
When Kevin needs his cage cleaned chandler dosent let any girl get in the way
Siege Jay
Siege Jay پیش ماه
8:50 not sure if it's scripted for humor or real. LOLs