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In today's Chandler's Wild Life episode we check out the property’s HUGE pond STOCKED FULL OF FISH!! As well as check out our NEW CROC!!🐊🐊
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2021 16 مارس





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Mutale Chileshe
Mutale Chileshe پیش 2 روز
you took a picture of an alligator bruh
Dermeister009 پیش 5 روز
WHat are you gunna do when you have a giant Salty In your backyard? Those things get Huge! What you gunna do when you can't safely handle it? they are known to eat people..... this is crazy.
NeonFox پیش 7 روز
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker پیش 7 روز
Chandler:they can eat anything Anikan at the end:well well well let's find out
KrispyKreamPie پیش 7 روز
wait till he sees Gustave
FigureEight Familia
FigureEight Familia پیش 25 روز
Name him irwin! After steve! He got u into salties its only right lol. Anakin is cool too tho.
Pam Jacks
Pam Jacks پیش 28 روز
He is beautiful
luvsanimals2 پیش ماه
What a beautifil piece of property
Cayden Budde
Cayden Budde پیش ماه
This man is 23 and already has a saltwater crocodile 😂
David Samu
David Samu پیش ماه
You are legit going to be the next steve Irwin I'm very excited to see your journey continue and I'm very privileged to have been here since the beginning
Kyle Schlundt bodien
Kyle Schlundt bodien پیش ماه
You need to put a gate around that pond if you plan on having alligators there keep up the good work
Dylan Bosgraaf
Dylan Bosgraaf پیش ماه
That is a great name :)
Flordeliza Delacerna
Flordeliza Delacerna پیش ماه
Hi Chandler love you from Philippines 🥰🥰😘
Live Feedings Only
Live Feedings Only پیش ماه
I literally thought about his name, immediately. Hi, Aniken.
Arabella1213 پیش ماه
Steve-o was a childhood hero of mine as well. Not gonna lie, i'm kinda disappointed that you didn't name the new croc Steve. Can't wait to watch this lil guy grow up! ^^
Molly پیش ماه
So would this species of saltwater croc be one that Steve Irwin would have worked with?
jackson lewis
jackson lewis پیش ماه
i am a bit envious
Ginger Baker
Ginger Baker پیش ماه
After my profile got deleted for your dogsbody henchgirl flagged me for asking the wrong question avout Will Nace i didnt really wanted to come back.. but i kind of missed your videos
jakethe snake
jakethe snake پیش ماه
I have green iguanas and I'm getting a permit for them because of the new law
Marco Darko
Marco Darko پیش ماه
Fair play mate. Beautiful animals. I'll stick to my cuviers dwarf 😁
Louise Jephcott
Louise Jephcott پیش ماه
If anyone could lend me about £2k so I can fly out to Chandler, I would be eternally grateful. 😂
Devin LIoyd
Devin LIoyd پیش ماه
Awesome name, as I see your feelings/behavior, it makes me happy and smiles Congrats on ur childhood wish/dream (sry for my English) Yours sincerely Lloyd
Fight Milk
Fight Milk پیش ماه
One of the aspects I’m most jealous of is that huge pond! So lucky dude. I have 55 acres, but no pond!!! Yet.
BC Sleazy
BC Sleazy پیش ماه
yo please get a fence for that your dog will get injured very badly
LawlessElf پیش ماه
the true florida man
LawlessElf پیش ماه
*skip 5 seconds button exists* Me: No. No i dont think i will
Chxmira پیش ماه
Bill Long
Bill Long پیش ماه
That's the best name
Christopher Stone
Christopher Stone پیش ماه
I wanna come do what you do. Your like my dream me!!!!! We even do the same exact stuff only I'm completely jelious. I wanna work for you.
Bongos and Lemonheads
Bongos and Lemonheads پیش ماه
Oh my goodness! Anakin Skywalker is absolutely gorgeous ❤ Congratulations Chandler
Jonah Stafford
Jonah Stafford پیش ماه
why do i keep thinking you’re the chandler from mr beasts channel Edit: Nice Teddy Bear, Chandler. *only mr beasts loyal viewers get this one.*
kaiCast پیش ماه
I hope the salty gets the same treatment as ziggy.
JeIly پیش ماه
That croc will outlive you haha what a beast
Karma geddon
Karma geddon پیش ماه
BRO HOWD YOU COPY THAT GATOR BABY NOISE SO WELL, AND HOW DO I DO THAT 11:25 Please tell me how you copied that sound omg
I NEED MONEY پیش ماه
Idk the last time I’ve been so pumped about the success of another human
Drew Degruise
Drew Degruise پیش ماه
Nohwun Yewno
Nohwun Yewno پیش ماه
More B-roll of the crocs, please.
backyard onto music
backyard onto music پیش ماه
so chandler instead of getting ostriches but crocs....
Krystal Freake
Krystal Freake پیش ماه
So happy for you man!! Can't wait to be able to visit your facility. I'm a Canadian who travels to Florida almost every year...minus COVID...but can't wait for safe travel to get down there again. Anakin looks amazing! Keep up the wicked work Chandler :)
Boges11 پیش ماه
Grats on the saltie, but you missed an opportunity. Should've called him Steve.
Jason Cooper
Jason Cooper پیش ماه
I love that intro good job 👏👌🙌
kip پیش ماه
So I am curious. How do you keep crocodiles somewhat in the wild and be able to move, but still not able to move enough to where they can start going around other properties? Is there like fences all around the large facility/park?
Clint's Reptiles
Clint's Reptiles پیش ماه
I'm super happy for you, Chandler! I need to get down there ASAP!
Cayden Budde
Cayden Budde پیش ماه
I watch a ton of your vids
Derek Quinones
Derek Quinones پیش ماه
Oh hi there! I do don't mean to offend its a joke just to stay cool
AJ The Jedi Reptile
AJ The Jedi Reptile پیش ماه
Hi there
oliver .G
oliver .G پیش ماه
nobody gonna talk about how good that baby croc mom call was !?
michael armstrong
michael armstrong پیش ماه
They truly are beautiful animals. I have a saltwater croc around the same size as ziggy, I live in Australia and love watching your videos. I would love to get a zoo license one day and open a mini zoo.
TexasSardines پیش ماه
Hello from Texas USA peace out
Hannah Mia
Hannah Mia پیش ماه
Noo wayyy, caught one the Philippines??
wraithgard پیش ماه
Anyone else hear the camera person breathing?
JR Hixenbaugh
JR Hixenbaugh پیش ماه
I love your vids but seriously do you ever consider and realize that salt croc's are stupid dangerous yes i know you know what you are doing but this reptile has been around forever and its built in killing mode will never be domesticated...just like my fav animal is a badger i love these animals but yeah i would never own a badger...but yeah love the vids your awesome
Bell bio Exotics
Bell bio Exotics پیش ماه
Your dog is so cute, I want one
shelley_1926 پیش ماه
Make a vid about how to make crocodile distress call
buildahome پیش ماه
Why did you not francekissed him while it was still possible ?
Molly Umbrell
Molly Umbrell پیش ماه
Salt water cross are definitely my favorite crocodilians
Riley Cromar
Riley Cromar پیش ماه
Anakin swampswimmer
Desmodad84 پیش ماه
WTH I named my male American Bully Vader, and got my female and wanted to name her Padme, but my girl did not like it. So she is named Luna. My cat is Han Solo.
Tyler پیش ماه
Hey what's the song you played while you zoomed around on your little bike? 😂😂🙃
Ashcashh2 پیش ماه
"Anakin the salt walker"
Da kid news
Da kid news پیش ماه
What if the croc get older and eat the dog
skeeziks05 پیش ماه
Love the montage on the dirt bike at the beginning of the video. Glad to see things are going so good for you. Excited to see what’s to come.
Sean Stoica
Sean Stoica پیش ماه
I started watching you sometime before you got Kevin. It is crazy to see how far you've come since then. You're the man, and I hope you stay safe, you do some very dangerous things on a daily basis.
Patty Kochenower
Patty Kochenower پیش ماه
Congratulations on getting your dreams - in so many ways , so happy for you !!
that salty dog chris
that salty dog chris پیش ماه
Klx 110 nice
Leigh Weber
Leigh Weber پیش ماه
I grew up swimming in river in Northern QLD and I am PRIMALLY terrified of salties. I've lived in California for 20 years and I STILL won't swim in a river or lake I can't see through the water in.
Leigh Weber
Leigh Weber پیش ماه
I mean, I also love and treasure them and really respect Steve Irwins work... My grandparents have been involved in a lot of saltwater croc captures in the 80s in the Northern Territory. But oh boy the way your heart drops out of you when you spot a big one up close.
Ollie Hoagland
Ollie Hoagland پیش ماه
Scuba tour of the ponds!!
Bruhz06 Does VR
Bruhz06 Does VR پیش ماه
He is beautiful
Wild Side
Wild Side پیش ماه
Your property is incredible!
Anime Dude
Anime Dude پیش ماه
What’s the name of the song that you used?
Kelon Phillips
Kelon Phillips پیش ماه
you should collab with the real tarzan 🔥🔥🔥
Mystie Z
Mystie Z پیش ماه
So proud of you and inspired!
dar manex
dar manex پیش ماه
so you gonna feed him younglings
Amos Kebede
Amos Kebede پیش ماه
this dog race is really beautiful..
Mr. Larki
Mr. Larki پیش ماه
The crocodile in the future: I Got My Dream Meal! 😜
AleksaTV پیش ماه
Aww i love u
Onyx پیش ماه
Anakin is beautiful! I'm so looking forward to seeing him grow. I'm so glad I have found your channel one beautiful random day.
Thinking Deep
Thinking Deep پیش ماه
Chandler is basically one of the main reasons I started loving reptiles. And now, the caucasian shepherd.
Tracie Moi Bella
Tracie Moi Bella پیش ماه
I bet your new neighbors just LOVE u.
Dominic González
Dominic González پیش ماه
Can’t wait to see him all big in 8 years I’ll be around 26
Jaydon Johnston
Jaydon Johnston پیش ماه
Why the invasive tilapia ?
Thechosen1 پیش ماه
Definitely would’ve jumped in too
Gabriel Dunnam
Gabriel Dunnam پیش ماه
Don’t let Anakin get near the younglings
LJ Starzmann
LJ Starzmann پیش ماه
Everyone be nice to chanler he worked his butt off now leave him alone chanler u inspired me and I hope the best for u and I want to do the same thanks for inspiring me chanler
adamthestonerful may
adamthestonerful may پیش ماه
You got your dream animal the Green Mamba. Well of my dream but maybe someone should get one 😉😉
Jack TT
Jack TT پیش ماه
i wish'd he'd name him jeff
unague2 پیش ماه
Please ! Dont let your dog loose wile you are riding yor bike. Its dangerous.
HOlLoW ZiLlA پیش ماه
Did anything happen to his other crocodiles
Shadxww پیش ماه
see if jiggin' with jordan would like to collab exploring your pond
Shadxww پیش ماه
dude just speared a dog
CJ Mele
CJ Mele پیش ماه
Metalhead seal of approval on the bike montage music
Cass A
Cass A پیش ماه
It always makes me happy when I watch his videos and see how happy he is with his reptiles and educating everyone
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez پیش ماه
Chandler if you see this please I need you to get a all black king cobra that would be so cool it would be insane
Deicubus پیش ماه
I know you have mentioned parts of how you got where you are, but do you think you could make a full video talking about the steps other people could take to get our own collection and be able to fully live like this, rather than just having them as a side hobby?
Jamie Barker
Jamie Barker پیش ماه
:Chandler there's no sharks in here :Chandler AHH NEVER MIND
mario zapateiro
mario zapateiro پیش ماه
You should put Giants catfish in that pond or arapaima
Blablah Blablah
Blablah Blablah پیش ماه
Update on the lacies?
Justin Addison
Justin Addison پیش ماه
Are you going to keep him in the pond when he's older
CMT ROYALS پیش ماه
Makes the giant pond a gator enclosure and part of the land around it lol
JW Family
JW Family پیش ماه
Where did you get that shirt?
HOINOI TV پیش ماه
Hell yeah chandler, i'm feeling like ... proud of you. The property is amazing, the croc is amazing, you're gonna be an institution in Florida, online, and around the world, for decades to come! Cant wait to watch the salty's saga as it grows up over the next 80-140 years! ---------- I'm having dreams of a private tour where I slip you a 20 piece mcnugget meal as a tip and you let me freedive your pond with my gopro ... and perhaps my speargun???! keep going dude!
prime demon chief
prime demon chief پیش ماه
Like you crocy
Hunter Ellis
Hunter Ellis پیش ماه
Oh we love a handsome nature boy. Good luck, I can see the wonder and love you have for these essential but terrifying creatures. Hopefully your efforts keep their habitats alive for the future.
Trying to clean BULL GATOR PIT!!!
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