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In today's Chandler's Wild Life episode we check out the new layout for the NEW FACILITY!!🐊🐊
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2021 23 مارس





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Rae پیش 5 روز
Love the shirt!!!!!!
Diana Fernandez
Diana Fernandez پیش 7 روز
Excited to see your property come together! Great thing you’re doing
rxder xd
rxder xd پیش 13 روز
Jesus loves u he died on the cross for u ✝️ ✝️ ✝️
SebastianShaw 88
SebastianShaw 88 پیش 13 روز
I love it Chandler!!!
Emily Little
Emily Little پیش 14 روز
You are absolutely incredible! 🥰 I appreciate your passion soo much! It’s truly inspirational! You are so knowledgeable and it’s amazing to watch & listen to your big plans! I’m hoping with hard work I’ll be able to get something going like you have ! 💓
Robby Boyd
Robby Boyd پیش 14 روز
Chandler, I would absolutely love to do some filming for you pro bono. Please reach out to me!
mandar Kumthekar
mandar Kumthekar پیش 15 روز
I wish Turky will not turn up on your plate on Thanksgiving day😝
John Phillips
John Phillips پیش 16 روز
What a genuine guy 🖖🏼👍🏼
Greg L
Greg L پیش 17 روز
This is awesome I am happy to see that you have a facility for all reptiles and the animals you have and you. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you. God bless.
Retha VERSTER پیش 17 روز
So excited for you and to see the development of your dream...🙋‍♀️
Rafael Costa
Rafael Costa پیش 18 روز
What the hell is he petting? a Bear?!!
EverythingTeslaPro ETP
EverythingTeslaPro ETP پیش 22 روز
Chandler from MrBeast, No chandler from chandler’s wildlife 😅👍
Nathan Stiltner
Nathan Stiltner پیش 23 روز
Chandler I just wanted to say I really appreciate everything you do for animal's an I love the passion you have for them, I support your channel 100%, keep up the good work buddy, sending love from Tennessee
Spikeyslayss پیش 25 روز
I just got my personal corn snake a year ago and he is so cute I’ve loved animals my whole life because as a family I’ve had about 5 snakes and turtles so my corn snake kinda means everything to me.
Damion Frost
Damion Frost پیش 25 روز
Just realized I'm older yet look younger than you xD
Mr. Tornado
Mr. Tornado پیش 27 روز
What if u did a battle royal with all ur animals, who would win?
Linda Jorgensen
Linda Jorgensen پیش 27 روز
Only brush a dry dog! She's beautiful.🐾😀
keith centeno
keith centeno پیش 28 روز
Just got denied from a very important internship i applied for but Chandler is really keeping me motivated. Thanks man
Gt7 cuppels
Gt7 cuppels پیش 28 روز
I would not hold my breath on you being able to stay there. I think the local government has no other choice but to make you abandon the property. Your neighbors are very upset and that is understandable
Fantasma Conejo
Fantasma Conejo پیش 29 روز
Ganymede پیش ماه
Congrats bro, so proud of you! Keep it growing, you are the best!
luvsanimals2 پیش ماه
How exciting!! Congrats
Jesse McInerney
Jesse McInerney پیش ماه
I’ve e caught quite a few hogs right behind your house🤣
d: Darren Willson :D
d: Darren Willson :D پیش ماه
I wish I owned my own property...
Haley Elizabeth
Haley Elizabeth پیش ماه
Can I be your full-time plant maintenance person? I'll move there tomorrow. I'll sleep with Ziggy, Idc. I've never been more jealous of anyone and I may cry. 😂
Carl Trommetter
Carl Trommetter پیش ماه
Dude I'm stoked for you. Being a rockstar is one thing, but being an asset to society is another. Your teaching skills are off the charts my friend. I look forward to your videos and I will support your Channel with an apparel purchase soon. Thanks Chandler and Please be Safe.
Polly g
Polly g پیش ماه
yer there not wolf killer's and pound for pound there would be no fight an American grey wolf would rip that dog in two, the wolves these dogs were up against are even smaller than the red wolf so about the size of a coyote, So there coyote killers
Evelyn Adams
Evelyn Adams پیش ماه
I'd recommend getting a mixing bottle for the doggy shampoo and conditioner. It's much easier to shampoo the pup when the shampoo is diluted with water :) and do look out for hot spot. Good luck with the puppy 😍
Danny Woo
Danny Woo پیش ماه
Hi Chandler, very happy for you, can't waite to watch all your future video's. 🖐✌🖖👍
mark Dean
mark Dean پیش ماه
I wouldn’t mind petting Chandlers python! Chandler is one sexy dude!
Karl Hoffmann
Karl Hoffmann پیش ماه
This creek would be perfect for Kevin and Justina.
Merk Henk
Merk Henk پیش ماه
Congrats Chandler! Nice work brother 💪
Pernilla Artistic
Pernilla Artistic پیش ماه
I’m so happy for you, your dreams are coming true. And you have worked hard for it. Love to follow you.
Andre Clarke
Andre Clarke پیش ماه
How you create such a deep pond like that, would love to see that construction process
Juan R.
Juan R. پیش ماه
I think you're one of the best at what you do. God forbid but have you ever been beaten by any of your REPTILES and if so what happened brother
JK E پیش ماه
The positivity is infectious
SM KTF پیش ماه
i tried looking for the extra channel could not find it
Toni Robson
Toni Robson پیش ماه
Brian barcyk started with a few couple of snake tanks in his mom's basement if I'm not wrong Follow your dreams mate
jolienikon23 پیش ماه
Chandler Where did you get Beara
Jose Meneses Montano
Jose Meneses Montano پیش ماه
Dam bro ur literally living my dream . Hopefully in the future I’ll get to work with conservation in Florida or Texas and own some nice property .
Matthew Singleton
Matthew Singleton پیش ماه
You sound like if Matt Stonie is obsessed with reptiles lol
Everyday Karate
Everyday Karate پیش ماه
Great job
Elle Star
Elle Star پیش ماه
CWW all day baby! 🐊🐍🦎🦕🐸🐻🐾🦖
Goldyy27 پیش ماه
Congrats bro big fan love you’re passion for animals
Erika Blackmon
Erika Blackmon پیش ماه
Chandler please let me know how to contact you! My little girl is crazy about you and would love to come see the new facility! It would mean the world to her. She deserves it. Please...I know your busy but I promise we wont keep you too long.
Muhsin Chill
Muhsin Chill پیش ماه
You are an inspiration my dude ..I wanna be an archaeologist and I'll really work hard for reaching there
Stephanie A.
Stephanie A. پیش ماه
Love what you are gonna do with your land. You have such great ideas. Cant wait to see it all come together. And congratulations!! Also the dog is so precious! I do photography on Flikr and follow a mountain man who owns a bunch of these dogs. They are currently my favorite.
Alex Ayon
Alex Ayon پیش ماه
send lewds Chandler.
Mandie Gannon
Mandie Gannon پیش ماه
Congratulations on the new property and it really is coming together. The ideas are great I can't wait to see the finished project.
Phillip Morgan
Phillip Morgan پیش ماه
😂😂😂😂stuck with your finger in a lizard for two hours at night... good times
Elijah Freeman
Elijah Freeman پیش ماه
I’m actually going to go study herptology in the university of Florida and get my masters and work at a zoo for reptiles and farm venom
Chris Mcpheron
Chris Mcpheron پیش ماه
Congrats on the property! I'm 31 and still don't have mine own yet, your a true inspiration!
Teelaire پیش ماه
This is where passion gets ya!
Nick M
Nick M پیش ماه
Place is sweet!
Nick M
Nick M پیش ماه
More of setting up the whole thing plus when you building the walk in in closures?
Lady _
Lady _ پیش ماه
Hello Chandler, your property is gorgeous I'm so happy for you. I have an idea that I wanted to run past you, the reptarium that you store your snakes in I was thinking that the garage door that you have plywood on you should do a big painting of your king cobra Kevin. I think it would look so cool
belizeguy پیش ماه
Your bite story reminded me of an incident I had years ago. I was a Nature Studies Director at a large southern residential boys camp starting in 1971. I had driven my animals down to the camp, about an eight hour drive, and I arrived well after dark. Security was there, and they got several of the Administrative staff over to greet me and help if needed. Everyone was being so nice and so helpful and I was distracted and a bit tired, and, while reaching into pull out my 4 foot American Alligator, I was not fast enough, and he nailed me. So, there I am, not about to pull my hand out of his mouth, and my new Bosses all around me, trying to figure out if they could help. I was doing my level best to keep them from getting upset or upsetting the Gator by scaring him or bothering him further. One of the Security Guards laughed a little bit at my dilema, as did two other guys. Remember, I too am trying my best to make light of this as well, so that was OK. A door slammed about then, which startled the Gator enough so that he let go to look. Got my hand out fast, and that's when it all changed. He had my hand in a tight grip. Lots of pressure, so no bleeding. Pressure gone, lots of blood. They were freaked out by this, and even though it was me bleeding, I was not as bad. I got it all wrapped up as best as I could, and they took me to the infirmary, and a Doctor was called over, Irrigated, sanitized and bandaged in minutes. Back up to the Nature Center I go to continue unloading. Much fewer people now, and I finished quickly without incident. Oh, the Gator loved her new pond. The next day, I realized what a special place I found myself working at. Ever one of the people there for my bite came by to see me individually and personally apologize for making light of my plight! I was so impressed. Thus began a 4 Decade association with one of the best places in the world.
belizeguy پیش ماه
Just amazing! 10 acres is nothing to sneeze at! It will keep you busy for YEARS to come!! Awesome...
Marvin Ellarma
Marvin Ellarma پیش ماه
watching from philippines,. im looking forward for your project sir chandlers ^^ cant wait to see them
Eclipse Gardens
Eclipse Gardens پیش ماه
Super happy for you dude !! Killin it in life
Renaldo Van Der Merwe
Renaldo Van Der Merwe پیش ماه
This is so inspiring
Indigo Queen Cassie
Indigo Queen Cassie پیش ماه
Try giving dog treats while giving her a bath next time it is associates positivity with the activity of giving a bath. Just a little dog training tip I thought I could share😁 Love your channel so happy for you!!🙌💯
i got game
i got game پیش ماه
S H پیش ماه
Congrats sir. We'll deserved sir!
michelle boniwell
michelle boniwell پیش ماه
OH my goodness I'm loving the new shirt design 💗🐊🦎
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis پیش ماه
Nice abs chandler
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis پیش ماه
I hope u have a picture of jade and put it on the wall so people could see her like a memorial for her
Lorrie Tsaoussis
Lorrie Tsaoussis پیش ماه
I luv ur property it's awesome
Oscar Valadez
Oscar Valadez پیش ماه
Chandler is a information machine wow!! can’t wait to visit Florida to go for private tour !!
Bryant Melton
Bryant Melton پیش ماه
good stuff chandler i haven’t been watching much lately but this is great
Jayyhyx پیش ماه
Dude this is house goals !! Congrats !! 🍾
iAmPhoebe پیش ماه
The meatball clan has come so far. Period.
Kasey kc Carpenter. #24
Chandler congrats man. You busted your ass and success is the fruits of your labor. Love the new property..
Eric Kulakovich
Eric Kulakovich پیش ماه
Chandlers talking to his imaginary turkeys again Lmao
Janet Moore
Janet Moore پیش ماه
New subscriber. I am impressed by you and all your knowledge . You are truly amazing. Your dream is coming true and I’m glad I get to see it. Just watched a video when Tyler came and visited you . That how I found you.
GROW MUSIC پیش ماه
I'm in Florida I'm ready to book a tour when its ready
rebelicious407 پیش ماه
Ugh I would volunteer here! I'm in central florida and live next to Wetlands that's are AMAZING. Kudos to you for coming up so fast so young! Keep up the great work.
Zoe Bell
Zoe Bell پیش ماه
Jade would be proud😥
rose444200 پیش ماه
One thing for Beara, keep an eye on fleas, Chandler. Florida fleas are a pain in the ass. I have to make sure I keep a close eye on every time my animals meds wear off. They are a pain in the ass to get rid of and since she is outside most of the time, a thing to keep an eye out.
Godly Gaming Grape
Godly Gaming Grape پیش ماه
What's the Price of one of these tours I live in Maine but I'd be more than willing to come down if I ever visit my cousins
Elise Curran
Elise Curran پیش ماه
It makes me so happy to see your excitement, Chandler! There are so many unworthy people out there making money from really awful things, and then there's you--pure love and joy and fun and for such a worthwhile reason. Wishing you continued success!
William Self
William Self پیش ماه
Better shave that dog or it will get heat stroke in hot ass Florida!
Bell bio Exotics
Bell bio Exotics پیش ماه
Beep beep imma sheep, ‘no imma turkey’
Luke Duckworth
Luke Duckworth پیش ماه
Did have fish flowing through your creek 😂
Rob S
Rob S پیش ماه
Only the tank top is in the shop
Annalise Smith
Annalise Smith پیش ماه
I’m so happy for you, been watching for ages❤️
Adrian Padilla
Adrian Padilla پیش ماه
When you give Beara a treat don’t let her take it away have her hang around you. 😁👍🏼
Jennifer Agui
Jennifer Agui پیش ماه
CONGRATULATIONS I'm so happy for you! I remember when you first started your channel in your bedroom. You deserve this! I cant wait to continue to watch you grow!!!!
Tavyn Springston
Tavyn Springston پیش ماه
I just found out at a family reunion that I’m not the only one who doesn’t miss a Video from Chandlers two of my closest cousins watch too 😂😂 had to go back his most recent video to say this.
Ian Pat
Ian Pat پیش ماه
I met you the other day. Cool channel and you were very cool dude. Wish you the best, man.
LegendaryJoe پیش ماه
my dog can sit when I command
Kicks That'sme
Kicks That'sme پیش ماه
I've been watching the channel since the beginning, when you were in the Nace house. I can't wait to book my tour the next time I hit florida. How do I get a tour with Tyler there too 😂😂😎
Family Tube
Family Tube پیش ماه
That’s a spicy meatball
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois پیش ماه
Chandler your excitement is contagious. Thanks for video.
Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh پیش ماه
Chandler can you do more videos about your saltwater crocodile i am really interested on your saltwater croc
Rebecca King
Rebecca King پیش ماه
Such a beautiful area so jealous but also so happy for you Chandler doing what you love and accomplishing everything you put your mind to
Derelict Disciple
Derelict Disciple پیش ماه
I'm excited for you bro. I was a little worried from an earlier video where you said your neighbors were kinda being weird towards you about stuff, cuz some people are just asses and like to start trouble, but it looks like everythings working out really well. One day ill have to book a tour 😎
Linkle Twinkle
Linkle Twinkle پیش ماه
All i can say is..im so proud of you Chandler! You're such an inspiration. I mean it 👏👏👏
Ethan G
Ethan G پیش ماه
where is the get jacked shirts?
Adam Glover
Adam Glover پیش ماه
Yourself and dingo are the reason I really love snakes I was afraid of them but you guys really helped me overcome my fear I would love to have my own
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