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2021 12 مارس





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David Hunter
David Hunter پیش 3 روز
I love the way Kevin volunteered, what a good boy he is.
Somos Hubers
Somos Hubers پیش 6 روز
12.:22 cleopatra used a asp
Somos Hubers
Somos Hubers پیش 6 روز
Maidenlord 666
Maidenlord 666 پیش 7 روز
Chandler do you do a big hit a crack or Methamphetamine right before you say action it just seems like it buddy I hope not though
Roberta Bray-Enhus
Roberta Bray-Enhus پیش 8 روز
She’s upset! You would be too if you were taken from your home and shoved into a bag!!
London Novak
London Novak پیش 11 روز
Get a male black mamba so that they can breed in the future
Wm. D. Nelson
Wm. D. Nelson پیش 12 روز
Best camera smash yet!
ronniegraves2 پیش 13 روز
Dude a black mamba oh my lord
Arsiema Ghirmay
Arsiema Ghirmay پیش 15 روز
you are amazing! ❤️
M Z پیش 19 روز
Hey chandler nice movie isnt it handy to make a bag tray ( like a ashtray with the bag around) so u only have to lift the bag in to the other
Shera Macusi
Shera Macusi پیش 20 روز
I can't believe that you're only 23. You've achieved so much already. Been watching your channel for 2 or 3 years now 😊
TheGingaNinja -_-
TheGingaNinja -_- پیش 22 روز
I’ve been gone for a while. Glad to see you have Kevin and justina still and my goodness Ziggy is huge! And a she!
MLGPikachu_ پیش 22 روز
Really beautiful snakes my absolute dream is to get a ball python but my mom wont let me cause shes terrified that it will escape its enclosure :(
XGN RED پیش 24 روز
Bag em and tag em
Benjamin Lehmann
Benjamin Lehmann پیش 25 روز
TY for all the hours of informativ content over the years! I love ur animals!
Electric Knipex
Electric Knipex پیش 28 روز
Also what kinda dog is that
Electric Knipex
Electric Knipex پیش 28 روز
I'm gonna save you guys the time and learn some of the best advise chandler has given us in this video 30:36 loved the video Chandler and that message was well needed.
Josette Taylor
Josette Taylor پیش 28 روز
Eyad Sameh
Eyad Sameh پیش 28 روز
You are beautiful t❤❤
James Bray
James Bray پیش 29 روز
I wouldn't do that with my sleeves rolled up haha
Dark Desires
Dark Desires پیش 29 روز
Chandler's such a pro wow. I was always aware he was experienced, but I initially thought he is quite reckless and a bit irresponsible towards the risk involved. Now however after watching great many videos I've realized he just does things "really smoothly" safety measures etc all of this looks so on point. And all of that while it also looks thrilling as hell. I hope I am right to say Chandler has found a perfect balance between crazy and pro! :D 12:44 - That was a pro gamer move. Notice how he immediately senses danger when the cobra turns around for a strike and he kinda shakes her off target before she can lock on and shoot.
Eduardo Ornelas
Eduardo Ornelas پیش ماه
So awesome! Congratulations!
GotDramaAllergy پیش ماه
Kevin in the bag reminded me of the first thing I see each morning looking down towards my feet....
Terri Laughlin
Terri Laughlin پیش ماه
His videos terrify us. We hate that Chandler lives so close to our home. If there is a nasty hurricane, lots of flooding and these snakes get loose, that will be deadly for our native wildlife and people. He clearly doesn’t care about Florida native endangered snake species. He isn’t doing anything to help them, but focusing on these non-native, deadly snakes. He is only focusing on $$$$$ and views.
rayhaan301 پیش ماه
I'm from New Zealand. we don't have anything close to this at all, I live for these videos!!!!
Abhijit Mishra
Abhijit Mishra پیش ماه
Introvert (i.e me)I can relate I get upset too when I have to leave my room🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sal Valestra
Sal Valestra پیش ماه
_"Boy, when I get out of this baaaaaaaagggggg!!!"_ - *black mamba* 🤣🐍
Shreya Nair
Shreya Nair پیش ماه
You're kevin beautiful ❤️🥰😘🌹
PuffTheDargon پیش ماه
Name a more stressful job than double bagging and boxing 60+ snakes including some of the most venomous on the planet and some over 12ft. Go Ahead. Ill wait.
Preston H
Preston H پیش ماه
Have you always been this chill with the venomous snakes? You act so calm it would take a very long time for me to be calm while handling those reptiles.
sukhjinder bhangu
sukhjinder bhangu پیش ماه
Wow nice video 📹
Haley Elizabeth
Haley Elizabeth پیش ماه
When I back into my parking spot I always say "like a gloovvee" 😂
Elle Star
Elle Star پیش ماه
Love the CWW hype and crayze! CWW brother!!! 🦅
Loco پیش ماه
Really enjoy your content!! well done and keep it up, all the way from South Africa - "Home of the Black Mamba"
Aiden پیش ماه
Not trying to be that guy but how do they breathe properly when double bagged?
seeindepth پیش ماه
you make it seem so easy and chill, I'd be openly shitting myself
Lucas Avolio
Lucas Avolio پیش ماه
So proud of you man
Daniell fahy
Daniell fahy پیش ماه
Uir cute and i have over 600 vemonous snakes and 800 none vemon snaks
Dakoda Keith
Dakoda Keith پیش ماه
We love u
OmAdeee پیش ماه
where are the blue vipers? are they doing well?
David Cervera
David Cervera پیش ماه
so cool how me myself saw your dream come true through IRitem. congrats!
Patrick Forget
Patrick Forget پیش ماه
That must be the Mambo that dingo sent you
Lenny Brown
Lenny Brown پیش ماه
Loves Kevin and Justina 😁
LittleBoyMatej پیش ماه
Will Kevin bite you
William Bourdon
William Bourdon پیش ماه
You gotta paint that new reptile room! I know it’s a TON of work, but any green or brown variant will be amazing with the reptile room so it doesn’t look like a factory
Angelica Villanueva
Angelica Villanueva پیش ماه
So excited for what is in store for you! ❤️
Another Clever Username
I've seen several videos and know that Chandler has many, many fans, but... With experts in Zoology and Herpetology and their opinions, is Chandler actually an amazing professional? Or a very enthusiastic and LUCKY idiot? Like a "Tiger King" of snakes? I honestly don't know, and can't tell, and would like to know from a professional standpoint?
Jade Marti
Jade Marti پیش ماه
what type of locks does he use for the sliding glass doors on the enclosures?
Bianca VA
Bianca VA پیش ماه
Does Kobe Dinkelman have any relation to Dingo Dinkelman? 🤣🤣🤣
Meanwhile In russia
Meanwhile In russia پیش ماه
I think you should start using a lavalier mic. Cant hear you when your far away bro. Very good vid. Saw the whole playlist
Nutcaise1980 پیش ماه
The last minute of this video makes it , that is real as it gets!!!!!!!! Thank you for always being fun , positive and inspirational . I love when I walk in and see my daughters watching your channel because I know they are getting something positive out of it . Hope to visit you on our next visit to ( twice a year) to South Florida . Cant wait to meet you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blah blah blah
blah blah blah پیش ماه
A passion for wild life? That makes no sense, they're not in the wild which means they have a pretty poor life.
Zanqere پیش ماه
Tuatara: The fastest lizard on Earth
Inko Gnito
Inko Gnito پیش ماه
Is that zoidberg at 5:50 xD
ashleigh jade
ashleigh jade پیش ماه
Omg Kevin cheaking out the neighbour reminds me of my python. Nosey things, has to suss out everyone's business
Anthony Heft
Anthony Heft پیش ماه
Great job, but you make me nervous!
Matthew Faughn
Matthew Faughn پیش ماه
Live to see how to make these boxes
Alex Besogonov
Alex Besogonov پیش ماه
Imagine a package thief opening one of these boxes.
K RDP پیش ماه
youre welcome cha cha. as a viewer fan i love seeing your gaboonS
coby burdick
coby burdick پیش ماه
Kevin is the baddest snake I’ve ever seen
Mel Herrera
Mel Herrera پیش ماه
the 🐐🐐
apasuperstarcompany SusperstarmomJen
is briget as big as ziggy
Nick Lawver
Nick Lawver پیش ماه
I hope there wasn’t a snake in the drumroll box!!!
Mauro Domingues
Mauro Domingues پیش ماه
I have allways wanted a snake
亗QUEEN亗 پیش ماه
Love from Mauritius🌷🌷🌷
Donald Morris
Donald Morris پیش ماه
does the bags not sufficate them no?
SUPERMAN931000 پیش ماه
love you man cant wait to come see your facility keep it up man
Fallon Madison
Fallon Madison پیش ماه
I try but I can’t share it with my grandma. She’s deathly afraid of snakes. Poor her, she’s still gonna have to take me when it opens.
Ethakis _
Ethakis _ پیش ماه
It’s insane to me that people like Chandler feel so passionately about these snakes that they’re willing to devote so much time to getting permits for them and caring for something that can so easily kill the shit out of them.
donny hud43987
donny hud43987 پیش ماه
you are a brave man!! lol great videos bro! im thinkin about gettin a snake , i ve never owned one, but right now i have 2 bearded dragons and a iguana! i think im gettin ready for a snake, not sure what kind yet
warelephant77 on youtube
Ziggy is huge
Mr K
Mr K پیش ماه
Cool vid, but King Tut almost got you
Buck Graham
Buck Graham پیش ماه
Hey buddy your a true, real life superhero! Its refreshing to see your immense positivity through your battle to do what you love. It is truly motivational, humbling and inspiring! Thank you!
Zephqt پیش ماه
Love for Kevin ❤️
David S.
David S. پیش ماه
Awesome content !! Keep it up 👍
jermchalk پیش ماه
Man I don't know how you guys (you and the guy named Tyler with the tattoos) do this and stay so calm! I'm freaking out just watching the videos. So when you pull a snake out of a cage you drop the stick and hold the snake with just your hands. I know you are very experienced with them but how or why don't they just turn around really fast and bite you? I noticed with the younger mamba he kind of made a move towards your hand and you raised your and up and got it out of the way without breaking a sweat but are you ever nervous handling these snakes? I know you comment frequently about the particular snakes attitude at the moment - some more aggressive than others - but dude! don't you ever get even a little bit scared?! You guys have BIG ones. How old were you when you started handling these snakes by yourself? And what do you do with them? Do you breed them? or extract the venom for anti-venom? Study them? I was just curious. I find these snakes very beautiful and fascinating but it scares the crap out of me just watching!
Dagger Fishing
Dagger Fishing پیش ماه
lol who's really gonna check and make sure that they are in 2 bags haha
Kyler Stern
Kyler Stern پیش ماه
Whole lot of nope ropes in one room. Glad I came across your channel. Love stuff with wildlife
E N پیش ماه
sweating through my shirt just watching this
Zorth پیش ماه
Does being loud not effect the snakes im not being a karen or anything im just curious dont roast me if u think its a dumb question just eplain to me please im still learning GREAT VIDS!!!!!
Just. Chris
Just. Chris پیش ماه
him and Coyote Peterson should Collab
Prince Okoye
Prince Okoye پیش ماه
Super proud of you man! It’s always great seeing folks fulfilling their dreams! That being said, when do we get a tour of the new spot? I get things are still being worked on, but I’m so curious to see the land and such! Can’t wait to actually visit once you open!
Victor Diaconu
Victor Diaconu پیش ماه
Get more vipers plz.
Debra Kemp
Debra Kemp پیش ماه
only a professional can handle deadly snakes with ease. For those nosey neighbors need to get a life. Let's folks continue to learn and enjoy your work. Love you keep on keeping on. God Bless.
Chad Foos
Chad Foos پیش ماه
Are you still in public safety? I did not know that about you.
JaceyPlaays پیش ماه
Kevin said this some BULLSHIT 🤣🤣🤣
Emily Vazquez
Emily Vazquez پیش ماه
This video is already making me nervous and I’m barely 1 minute in
Jini Yoo
Jini Yoo پیش ماه
What kind venomous 🐍 do you have?
mike powers
mike powers پیش ماه
Is there a specific reason you don't use a grabbing hook to move the more dangerous snakes? I just think it would be way easier and less stressful for you and the snakes. Not to mention you would have a lot less of a chance to get bit by one of the snakes.
deca tha finesa
deca tha finesa پیش ماه
Not most defensive either bra more like the ones thatll fuck you up the fastest
Gj Mayville
Gj Mayville پیش ماه
Great things are coming
TheDon 21
TheDon 21 پیش ماه
It’s bitter sweet seeing you leave the outpost but the future is so bright for you chandler! I’m proud of you!!!
Troy S
Troy S پیش ماه
Do you have a russels?
kat souza
kat souza پیش ماه
The way he "whooop whoop whoop whoop"-ed that snake like a lasso in the beginning has me screaming 😂😂
Olivia Crosby
Olivia Crosby پیش ماه
I guess we’re snakenapping today..
Erick Kuehne
Erick Kuehne پیش ماه
This is the first video of your channel I’m watching! Love it!❤️
Erick Kuehne
Erick Kuehne پیش ماه
Definitely subscribing
Olivia Crosby
Olivia Crosby پیش ماه
10:44 Me:....
Sadboyjayy پیش ماه
Chandler living my dream love ur channel man
Monica W
Monica W پیش ماه
Awe, Chandler you're another of the really great guys.. and damn these kind of videos makes my hands shake just watching you! I'm so so happy for you being able to do what you love and move more towards your big goals in life!!
Fake Beaver
Fake Beaver پیش ماه
Mission code name: Bag n’ Box.
Damo Gaming
Damo Gaming پیش ماه
the mambas wont try to eat each other?