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In today's Chandler's Wild Life episode we hang out with BEARA, then we go make some adjustments on the SALTWATER CROCODILES TUB...THEN WE CLEAN THE FER DE LANCE, CENTRAL AMERICA’S DEADLIEST!!!
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Ryan Mcdonnell
Ryan Mcdonnell پیش 9 روز
I just got a kingsnake
tatilibero3 پیش 12 روز
I love the color of your walls! So pretty!!!
Jason Norton
Jason Norton پیش 17 روز
I love Beara's expression here after Chandler goes in for the choke hold , 2:18 , She must be thinking ''Please save me from this Psycho'' 🤣🤣🤣
NYC OG پیش 25 روز
I knows it’s a work in progress new faculty but the snakes can get better enclosure. I live animals and love to see them ups close but Chs alder is a cool guys who I love deep down loves his animals. I just hate the fact thier in such small encoursures, those animals belong being free in the wild, I love chandler and not a pets person I eat beef everyday but I do believe that animals withthe capibility to be set free and hint by its self like levin the king cobra, but they breed and do all this stuff ajust for the dollar Bill they may live animals I can tell they do but they love that dollar Bill even more because they are using thier animals for profit even on IRitem he’s making thousands for showing levin the king cobra because he gets millions of views how was he able to buy a 10 acre property, that IRitem money is no joke, and at the end the animals suffer because thier in a enclosure and as big as it is it’s not bigger then the wild and they are prisiors just got the crime of being a beatuful interesting animal which is fine, but I don’t like how he’s milking the game he got and opening a facility which was sling term dream and good for anyone acomplished thier dreams I did that onxe and it doesn’t last forever at the end your miserable even doing what you live like i do, but it’s wrong for chandler to use his animals to make money, he’s education us but the animals are suffering for education and trust me some random people that stop by in Florida aren’t gonna do much with thier new knowledge they prob will kill a 12 pack right after snd forget all they saw welcome to Florida. And I understand u Can let’s all these dangerous animals free in Florida if u want but who would possibly let dangerous black mambas abs king cobras out in the wild in Floridia. So I know they are stuck as prisoners for life, so no much can be done anymore unles she shops then back to thier Native lands and we all know he ain’t doing that he loves animals would love to see them free but he loves the dollar Bill more he’s not going to let all these cash cows free. What needs to stopped is the trade of these animals. The ones above chandler because they are importing the animals in and all these animals live a miserable life I promise.
Alcid Ruiz
Alcid Ruiz پیش 26 روز
For the mesh you used on the baby salt watter crock mate, alright mate lats
Alcid Ruiz
Alcid Ruiz پیش 26 روز
Chandler bro buy some "Snips"wire cutter sheers.
Shaway Majig
Shaway Majig پیش 29 روز
why is there a family resemblance between you and your dog? lmao. adorable.
Lenny Pena
Lenny Pena پیش ماه
this video went dummy my boyyyyyy
sashamoo1 boo
sashamoo1 boo پیش ماه
Got notification 15 mins ago that you uploaded this. Wth ???
Ruth پیش ماه
thing is - blakes BEAR with otters is really neat, and lotsa others in florida not same old same old you need to respect people who aint gonna pay
Chaoz Gaming inc
Chaoz Gaming inc پیش ماه
Do you plan on keeping him forever? Or put bag when older?
Ashley Cary
Ashley Cary پیش ماه
I had this playing while I was getting ready and I wasn’t looking at the screen when the barking started. I was like oh wow I didn’t know chandler had more that one dog! and then I looked at the screen and he was yelling at a statue. Cool.
Justin Gilliam
Justin Gilliam پیش ماه
It’s the pinky’s in the pocket for me😂
Shaurya Banga
Shaurya Banga پیش ماه
over the years chandler has told us many things but one thing I never understand is do snake go hiss
Kartik Sakalley
Kartik Sakalley پیش ماه
i think chandler you forgot about nile crocs , the most ferocious crocodile in the world.
im australian and i really want to see you in australia you should be australian
Chase Brunner
Chase Brunner پیش ماه
Love How You Make Every Video Funny Chandler My Kids Love Learning From You !!
Brian Collier
Brian Collier پیش ماه
cute dog two
Brian Collier
Brian Collier پیش ماه
i love eyelash viper thank you for showing them
Pandora2019 پیش ماه
Chandler, you have a very big, very fast growing dog so you must must must be very carefull with his joints, dont let him run on such a Floor but in grass
Bryant Vang
Bryant Vang پیش ماه
Would love to see him to calab with exotic lairs
Unban Me Mdg Noah
Unban Me Mdg Noah پیش ماه
Or Philadelphia pa sales ac
Juan R.
Juan R. پیش ماه
Brother I give you the up most respect you have to a big set to handle that snake you have the understanding of the Snake but I have seen pros like yourself get hurt be safe be careful brother. God bless you and your family and God bless all of you who are struggling and homeless because of covid-19
BDB پیش ماه
Lol you're a dork Chandler
Muttley Von Erich
Muttley Von Erich پیش ماه
Can the more personal one just be called 'Chandler's EXTRA Life'? Chandler, you are the GOOD type of extra :) Love and sausages xx
M Q پیش ماه
well i found a terciopelo with eggs on my patio JAJAJAJ
Bass Blaster3000
Bass Blaster3000 پیش ماه
12:05 nothing but a big pink bottle of svedka in the cooler haha
Bass Blaster3000
Bass Blaster3000 پیش ماه
Not sure why but i definitely pictured it flashing to chandler squeaking that yellow ball between his ass cheeks for the final squeezes hahaha seems like something he would do for a good laugh haha
buttons&gadgetsdr1 پیش ماه
1:48 aaww bear-bear is like yep, my hooman daddy is a weird one but hes a keeper !
Christopher Boudreau
Christopher Boudreau پیش ماه
All hail kevin the king!!!!!
Jimmy Acha
Jimmy Acha پیش ماه
You have moved to a very beautiful place, I think you wake up every day and feel happy. Super dog !!! I had the same to
Jimmy Acha
Jimmy Acha پیش ماه
My Friend of the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs need to cut their ears according to the breed this is so that when they attack wolves, their ears are the most painful place ... Sometimes the tail to...
fiona park
fiona park پیش ماه
The playing ball with Beara skit gave me serious Pewdiepie vibes, i love it
William Kothman
William Kothman پیش ماه
Will Nace referenced his snake room as a Serpentarium a couple weeks ago titled "defeated". Interesting 🤭 thoughts chandler?
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia پیش ماه
What bread is this this is the cutest dog I've actually seen
kiren jattan
kiren jattan پیش ماه
This crocodile dude caught a 23 foot male last week in Australia from a river on a farmers cattle station .
Joyce Gorter
Joyce Gorter پیش ماه
Hognoses are so derpy and cute
S McCrea
S McCrea پیش ماه
Oh boy Leonardo is my favourite not-so-dangerous danger noodle. So goddamn tiny and cute with his lil nose
autumn johnson
autumn johnson پیش ماه
we got a glimpse of the back yard but what about the rest of the house.... house tour.?
Ty Wallace
Ty Wallace پیش ماه
Is the fer-de-lance related to the lance head snake located on Snake Island off the coast of Brazil?
skulmarus پیش ماه
Do you keep Anakin in fresh water, or do you use saltwater in his enclosure?
Yen Hdez
Yen Hdez پیش ماه
I'm from Costa Rica I really love all the differents animals you can find in the country. One of my favorites is the eyelash viper, they can have different colors that's pretty cool, I really like the pink and yellow. Also salt watercocodriles are amazing animals 😎😎😎🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊✨✨✨✨
Teddy Rutherford
Teddy Rutherford پیش ماه
Fun fact, George Lucas considered casting Leo Decapreo for Anakin.
Colin Hames
Colin Hames پیش ماه
My boi grinding
Tee Taylor
Tee Taylor پیش ماه
You should sell the sheds on your merch page. I would love one. I live in the UK so I'll never be able to visit sadly 🤔
ricardo zazueta
ricardo zazueta پیش ماه
I’m always late to comments
Dragon Templar4
Dragon Templar4 پیش ماه
Kevin in the back: Wassup.
Fergal Holmes
Fergal Holmes پیش ماه
Having a nightmare trying to get my baby hognose to eat. Any tips? I tried tuna scenting this week...no joy. Is egg better?
Kima Jarvis
Kima Jarvis پیش ماه
It would be cool if chandler did like a program to help other people get their hours to be able to work with venomous. Not sure how it works exactly if you can charge people but it would be a great way to earn some extra cash while helping people accomplish their dreams. ❤️
Itumanjari Mishra
Itumanjari Mishra پیش ماه
Bro there is a saltwater crocodile recorded to be 26 feet in INDIAN state of Odisha...His name is Kalia and he is suspected to capsize a whole boat and no one has ever been able to catch him as he always escapes by just ripping off the cage...
Kai Noa
Kai Noa پیش ماه
Do their fangs fall out too ? Like the rattlers ?. Love the education on snakes. Keep up the awesome work and love your content 🤙
Nico Zañartu
Nico Zañartu پیش ماه
Hi Chandler, I would like to know where in florida is your facility located? I would love to go one day!
Lashirah El
Lashirah El پیش ماه
Congratulations on your new home!!! The animals will have nice lives there!!
ughitsamelia پیش ماه
sorry but i can't help but be fascinated by kevin in the bg lmao. it's cool seeing an animal watching all the goings-on n bein like "yes everything is in order"
Love my DandyLion
Love my DandyLion پیش ماه
Shy Duncan
Shy Duncan پیش ماه
Kevin was looking at Jose as if he was SNACK
Yトーマ پیش ماه
George Kordalis
George Kordalis پیش ماه
you should get a snake with two heads
chad buck
chad buck پیش ماه
Chandler my bro can you get some 2xl get jacked tanks?? Please bro!
Gogeta Gamer786
Gogeta Gamer786 پیش ماه
Can you pls make a video trying to train the salt water croc
MyRide MyPride
MyRide MyPride پیش ماه
Long time we have seen Senior Pepe ? Where is he ?
Walterrgraal پیش ماه
your video's make happy keep it up
Amy Rose
Amy Rose پیش ماه
Hey, where is the new facility located? Thanks
Mr.Chickenstrips:Ryan پیش ماه
Ya’know...since Kenan went bald, I wonder what YOU would look like bald 👀
Judith Martin
Judith Martin پیش ماه
I laughed so hard when you put that green ball in your mouth- I had a coughing fit! and NO I don't have that.
Andi Mac
Andi Mac پیش ماه
In 4 years I want to apply for a license/permit to own venomous reptiles as well as crocodiles. Any suggestions on how I can gain experience?
Andi Mac
Andi Mac پیش ماه
How is ziggy’s boyfriend
High Tymes
High Tymes پیش ماه
Hognose’s are notoriously picky eaters so the fact that he took that pinky that quickly is amazing and really shows how respectful and caring Chandler is with his animals! Dope video bro!
shawn sakran
shawn sakran پیش ماه
@Amanda Stout my sand boa used to take pinky’s right from my hand when she was a baby lol so cute
Amanda Stout
Amanda Stout پیش ماه
Leonardo's just a baby, and was almost taking the pinky from Chandler's hand (but not yet).
High Tymes
High Tymes پیش ماه
@kylee Rose that’s good to hear! As long as the animal is eating is the important part, never let anyone tell you different!
kylee Rose
kylee Rose پیش ماه
I had to scent mine with eggs at first cause he wouldnt eat for like a month after i got him now he takes them down like its nothing. Ate 3 the other day. But they also have to be live he wont do frozen or prekilled which sucks but hes eating so im happy.
Lori W
Lori W پیش ماه
My KCC shirt arrived yesterday. The shirt is a very good quality shirt!🐍❤️🐍
Ethan G
Ethan G پیش ماه
Is it me or is Anakin darker in color than usual
Sgt Cole
Sgt Cole پیش ماه
3 years from now new video how I lost my hand by darth vader
Curious Otaku
Curious Otaku پیش ماه
Gotta ask chandler the red king cobras are they real and if so what pictures accurately describes how the reptile looks vibrant strawberry red or a dark with red mixture
Jennifer پیش ماه
Beara is so lucky to have you! I hope the person you bought her from is watching the great life she is living❤
rebelicious407 پیش ماه
Every video I just get happier and happier for your goals you've achieved so far! Cant wait to see ever you are at 33!
Jason Lakin
Jason Lakin پیش ماه
I own my own business but unfortunately not in Florida , I was just looking at the air handler in your other room looks like a heat pump I would love to do that job
Peter Krüger
Peter Krüger پیش ماه
A said starte og affairs when an animal handler cannot recognish that half of the animals he talks to has never been alive. Lol😜
jeremy bigand
jeremy bigand پیش ماه
chandler do you know Aspic viper ? I’m from France and we do not have a lot of venom snake but the aspic viper is a really beautiful snake
jeremy bigand
jeremy bigand پیش ماه
Vipera aspis
dude u have some of the best shit on youtube. working with bad ass animals and funny. love watching the growth of ur channel. u were born for animal conservation.
A C پیش ماه
Your locks on ur.enclosures what they called as I need locks like that
patriciapt پیش ماه
Didnt he have another doggo too? XD
NXXLAEG__ پیش ماه
By the way I am from the Philippines where Lolong is from. Didn't know that he's still got the record of being the biggest seen saltwater crocodile in captivity
NXXLAEG__ پیش ماه
I'm so glad to have one of your videos in my recommendation. After that I got instantly hooked.
Marvin Ziegler
Marvin Ziegler پیش ماه
Pls No More dog Jokes 😘😅
Lærke Julie Lindqvist
Chandler *handles dangerous reptiles such as king cobras and salt water crocodiles* Also chandler *dangerous hognose*
Dylan Wood
Dylan Wood پیش ماه
I do AC but way up North lol
frank magee live long and be happy
I would lol if the girls in the video had of kiss you on camera then ran
Plukske پیش ماه
I edited my comment.
Michael Ross
Michael Ross پیش ماه
She forgot the secure ding
Dusty Hayes
Dusty Hayes پیش ماه
Beara the protector of reptiles lol NEW SHIRT IDEA 💡
Yuki arishima
Yuki arishima پیش ماه
When Chandler play with beara.. *ahh this guy soooo adorable* But when Chandler talking with dog statue *OH MY GOD MOM I WANT HIM FOR WHOLE MY LIFE!! MAYBE I NEVER GROW OLD* Ed sheeran right.. People fall in love in mysterious ways... 🤣🤣 Chandlerrr this is my birthday pleaseee NOTICE MEEEEE LOVE YOU AND BEARAAAA
Michael Ross
Michael Ross پیش ماه
Do you have to actually put salt in the water??? Or fresh water????
Final Press USA
Final Press USA پیش ماه
Who is responsible for Chandler's interior decor? I'm not bitching, just saying. The kid is way cooler than that floral mint monstrosity.
Jimmy Barber
Jimmy Barber پیش ماه
Ruth or whoever is doing the editing is doing a good job
Alberto Gallardi
Alberto Gallardi پیش ماه
does anyone know the name of the background music that he uses in this videos?
Beth Lewis
Beth Lewis پیش ماه
Love this!! Chandler you could win some serious dollar in a starring contest.... your lack of blinking is wild in its self!! hahah Such good content in this video though! :D
Cody J
Cody J پیش ماه
If I was your camera man your footage would be wonky as from me laughing at you all the time. Thanks for making our day better. Hope you have a good weekend my dude
Cody J
Cody J پیش ماه
What edibles were those that you fed those little statues haha
Cody J
Cody J پیش ماه
Tin snip work great for cutting that thin gauge mesh, cuts way quicker than the side cutters
Cody J
Cody J پیش ماه
I fall in love again with Beara every time I see her
Tim T
Tim T پیش ماه
WHere did you get that tank for your hognose?