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2021 27 آوریل





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Dennis schmitzstar
Dennis schmitzstar پیش 20 ساعت
Shane Osgood
Shane Osgood پیش 5 روز
"i dont like drinking anything but sweet tea" me too chandler me too lmfao
Omg bagoy is so adorable!! show him more and his progress😫🥺
Jasper lipscomb
Jasper lipscomb پیش 6 روز
Your owl reminds me of Big Z from surfs up lol
Jennifer C
Jennifer C پیش 6 روز
Planning a trip to the Everglades in September. I would absolutely love to see your new facility, will you be up and going by then?
Somos Hubers
Somos Hubers پیش 6 روز
when will the new serpentarium be open and where is it i cannot not find it anywhere P.S. love the vids keep them coming
Somos Hubers
Somos Hubers پیش 6 روز
when will the new serpentarium be open and where is it i cannot not find it anywhere P.S. love the vids keep them coming
Archie پیش 6 روز
Chandler I really want a snake of my own but my mum will not let me.😭😭. How do I convince her?
Mikey likes it !!!!
Mikey likes it !!!! پیش 6 روز
1250 watch Kevin jump up like is that my lunch
J P پیش 7 روز
Please more Bagoly and Beara!
Scotty K
Scotty K پیش 7 روز
Chandler, I'm from the UK and I'd love to be able to provide for reptiles as good and as natural as you do. To say how young we are and how much of an influence you are to the public is crazy. By chance if you ever see my comment please get in touch with me. Id absolutely over to fly over and visit your facility so I can learn how I can give my reptiles the life they deserve. I'm in the process of getting my DWA licence over in England. I will actually pay your monthly overhead all expenses no matter what just to come and have that life experience. A bit far fetched but if you see my comment please get in touch, peace brother 👌
Jake Wieseler
Jake Wieseler پیش 7 روز
Hey Chandler, where is your reptile room located? I have a cousin getting married December of 2022 in St Augustine thinking if I get time I could come by!
Red TooSwagg
Red TooSwagg پیش 7 روز
I found a snake in my yard today idk if its poisonous or not .. Is there a way I can contact you and send pics ? I live in Florida as well and have kids so the identification on the species would be clutch . Love vids I didnt know who else to contact .
Anucha 168
Anucha 168 پیش 7 روز
Mr. Lucky
Mr. Lucky پیش 7 روز
I hate snakes Im gonna take a flamethrower and burn down your snake room
Open Mic
Open Mic پیش 7 روز
So this baby owl gets to grow up in a cardboard box as opposed to thousands of miles of mountains in Eurasia? I hope it’s worth the clicks to give this bird a pitiful existence as your sidekick to sight gags.
Anthony S
Anthony S پیش 7 روز
Biggest regret about coming to florida is that i wont be able to come see this place when it's finished. For sure will have to make a return trip down the line!
StoneCoLd پیش 8 روز
m.iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/fdGekcfLrXPOnp8.html. See the thicknesses of this cobra
Gaffs King
Gaffs King پیش 8 روز
Fan from Cambodia 🐍🐊
scott fay
scott fay پیش 8 روز
Where the mangrove snake you had?
C Bancroft III
C Bancroft III پیش 8 روز
New England Reptiles Home of Donny Dbag hate that guy he will be the down fall of New england reptiles rep...
Spikeyslayss پیش 8 روز
I just went to the zoo and saw a lot of pit vipers and when i saw a king cobra, I was like “KEVIN!!!”.
Yudani Eaton
Yudani Eaton پیش 8 روز
"The Holding Receptacle That Looks Like A Trash Can" Chandler, 2021
Robin Saylor
Robin Saylor پیش 8 روز
How do we get tickets to come see you?
Reptile Metal Jen
Reptile Metal Jen پیش 8 روز
🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️ you fed that owl lol very Ace Ventura of you lol 😂
Jeremy & Jen
Jeremy & Jen پیش 8 روز
Just a matter of time before this guy get's tagged by one of "his personal" collection ... like the snakes look at him as a good buddy or something.
Kingi Ribbe
Kingi Ribbe پیش 8 روز
Stay on your lane... I didint realise all the Florida boys is fucking cry babys!! 😂😂😂
Moraya Walls
Moraya Walls پیش 8 روز
Did just??... he did. Twice 😝 🐁
Figga Lover
Figga Lover پیش 9 روز
My niga, the gaboon has 4 inch fangs, than can penetrate deep and inject haemotoxic venom directly into a major artery in the leg..
Brainiac Puzzles
Brainiac Puzzles پیش 9 روز
Hey Chandler! Weird question, very weird, but how do snakes poop? And is the poop venomous??? Weird, ik.
J Villa
J Villa پیش 9 روز
My wife likes your videos buddy. Im about to go fight a silverback gorilla to get back all of my stripes. Wish me luck dude. Much love from Chicago
Paul William
Paul William پیش 9 روز
Are we suppose to still stay gangster? 🤔
Timothy Jones
Timothy Jones پیش 9 روز
Hey I'm trying to see if you and Tyler And kanen can help me find four Red ear slider's turtles . My grandson will be three in August .he really loves the Ninja turtles.i want to make him a turtle pond .I live in GA .
Narcerus TV
Narcerus TV پیش 9 روز
"Ain't care" Chandler is the best chandler. Do you man it's awesome to see!
Dale Lesoway
Dale Lesoway پیش 9 روز
And what I kept my mouth shut about your channel for long time Chandler but now you going overboard on this you pull Every reptile person at risk of what you doing on your channel you do not free had a Gaboon Viper or any other poisonous snake I don't care how much experience you think you have You get bit by. Gaboon Viber and you don't have seconds to live That's why the government in us is taking action against people like you would all the other reptile people because it's stupid stunt to whole you entire not hate see Stupid things like piss no end Did you not hear about that lady who died being bit by her groom Viper showing had seconds to live the only way anyone found out her dad couldn't get a hold of her and he called a police and then went over to a house and they found her dead. If you read this stop free hangar snakes it's not submit anybody should do it doesn't matter youtube experience you have you gonna get bit one
Miguel Cordero
Miguel Cordero پیش 9 روز
Wow McCoy my new fav addition to the channel cant wait to watch him grow we defenetly need more McCoy videos
Mason Mudd
Mason Mudd پیش 9 روز
Where do you get those enclosures form?
Mason Mudd
Mason Mudd پیش 9 روز
Heather Farmer
Heather Farmer پیش 9 روز
You have great taste- sweet tea is amazing
Marisela Muniz
Marisela Muniz پیش 9 روز
I lost at THESE HANDS😂!! Gambino is suuuch a beauty! 🥰🥰
Brandon Olson
Brandon Olson پیش 9 روز
Are you Morgan Wallen? If not you should collab
Gussie EasyMoney
Gussie EasyMoney پیش 10 روز
Rats? In ya mouth?
Gvnz MyG
Gvnz MyG پیش 10 روز
There is no fucking way you put mice in your mouth. Wtf
Dean پیش 10 روز
Why don’t you like NERD?
Player8862 Wastelandman
Player8862 Wastelandman پیش 10 روز
Is it me or that Owl be looking really cute though like I don’t see anyone talking about in the comments and it’s kind of cool how he feeds his owl
Susan Hepler
Susan Hepler پیش 10 روز
You should look into the animal abuse from IRitemrs like Catch em all fishing, Joey Slay Em & Jacob Feder. Reach out to NERD (New England reptile). They posted a video a couple weeks back. Because of this animal abuse laws are being passed, affecting people who keep reptiles as pets responsibly and those who keep reptiles for educational purposes. And considering that this behavior is on IRitem, how long before IRitem gets enough heat over it that they decide to crack down on videos that are educational.
hunter mcnamee
hunter mcnamee پیش 10 روز
You are my number 1 mentor in the reptile world . You were a huge influence on me. Thank you chandler
jose mariscal
jose mariscal پیش 10 روز
When he sat on the “snake holding receptacle” I died 😂😂😂
jose mariscal
jose mariscal پیش 10 روز
When he sat on the “snake holding receptacle” I died 😂😂😂
Katharine Kazaka
Katharine Kazaka پیش 10 روز
that big fat hybrid is beautiful and I cant believe he managed to get his fat arse to the top of the snek holding receptacle!
max lottig
max lottig پیش 10 روز
LMAO he said Tyler gets the h2o, dingo gets the h2o, NERD gets nothing 😂😂
Auggie’s Adventures
Auggie’s Adventures پیش 10 روز
I hope all goes well with your neighbors I know if you were mine I’d volunteer to help you for sure
Papi Margiela
Papi Margiela پیش 10 روز
Shed party 😂
Fredrik Ek
Fredrik Ek پیش 10 روز
I saw on IRitem a albino Python from Florida who squeezed a 2 yo toddler to death and then try to it him as well. 😱😭
Jamie Dodd
Jamie Dodd پیش 10 روز
Ahaha you never fail to make me laugh every time I watch your videos keep up the good work 👌😎
DarkMagic12 پیش 10 روز
Chandler, I would love to come to see you. I'll be in Fort Lauderdale from 9th-13th May 2021. I was going to visit you last year at the Everglade Post but things happen and were unable.
I NEED MONEY پیش 10 روز
“Cmon you can handle this it’s just a cobra” *cobra fuggin headbutts the glass in anger*
I NEED MONEY پیش 10 روز
561 Skyline
561 Skyline پیش 10 روز
Second favorite reptile channel, slightly behind reptile channel 😂😂
pectorialis پیش 10 روز
Childish Gambino is so gorgeous!
Judith Martin
Judith Martin پیش 10 روز
lol your song----lol
Austin Battaglino
Austin Battaglino پیش 10 روز
Love this dude
slade Russell
slade Russell پیش 10 روز
LOOK look at that Chandler has lost his mind??
Jessie Jay
Jessie Jay پیش 10 روز
Bruh Childish Gambino trying to get out of the can with that cute lil head bob had me dying. Reminds me of Diglett from Pokémon 😂😂
Heidi R
Heidi R پیش 10 روز
My boy friend heard the ending on the tv and came in and was like wtf are watching hahah I’m like CWL ! Haha 😂
Jayce Masters
Jayce Masters پیش 10 روز
I choose Kevin! He has a proportionate build-type body. Loove him!
MrGoldfischli پیش 10 روز
More Owl and Dog Videos, please!!
Billy Thekid
Billy Thekid پیش 10 روز
U guys Donnie startded all this shit. Look at all NERDS previous vids. Donnie always throws little shade and little digs at Chandler and Tyler. And when someone comments on it or Chandler or Tyler fire back Donnie at NERD always back pedals and says oh whats the problem what did we do we love Tyler and Chandler we respect them and like them. See NERD was struggling with views and Donnie is just a Douchebag trying to get more views. Hell even Kevin calls him a Douchebag. Lol but hey i love NERD Chandler, Tyler, Jay, and Brian i think there all great and i dont agree with some stuff all these guys do but we are all on the same side and we all need to stop fighting with our reptile brothers and sisters and all come together. Because there passing new laws all the time to stop us from doing this. So lets actually come together as a community because right now we are all in our own little clicks just hating on the others when we all should be together thats how we will win more of these legislation and laws being passed to ban these reptiles. By all sticking together and joining USARK.
Smoke Malone
Smoke Malone پیش 10 روز
I love Gaboon, Rhino and gambino Vipers. Gaboons prolly my favorite with their big heads. Love childish gambino.
Koria Payne
Koria Payne پیش 11 روز
Glados Ai
Glados Ai پیش 11 روز
Ok the new birb is adorable, but when are you going to breed the gaboon viper or king cobras? It would be just even more adorable
Noorewok پیش 11 روز
Can someone invent a clear snake holding receptacle please? Or is it already done and I’m just dumb?
Firewolfcaves پیش 11 روز
"you wouldn't want to grab this with your hands" *proceeds to slap his hand onto it*
Luna Shadows
Luna Shadows پیش 11 روز
I'm not into ever owning vinumus snakes but I do love how enthusiasm and how you show how to secure the animals so you don't have any accident. I don't think it's the craziest thing but I wouldn't want one to excape.
Tuhin Ghosh
Tuhin Ghosh پیش 11 روز
Do you know Chandler Bing? XD
King Cone
King Cone پیش 11 روز
Childish Gambino doesn't get enough attention. He is so amazing
Ethan پیش 11 روز
"this is not a snake you want to make a mistake with" Chandler, do you really own anything you would want to make a mistake with?
Ellie P
Ellie P پیش 11 روز
lmao almost no one talking about chandler mouth feeding that owl shows how used to his delightful insanity we all are 😂
PAIN پیش 11 روز
Cant stop laughing when the Viper cant get out of the container.
Roy James
Roy James پیش 11 روز
Chandler I don’t think there’s an amount that you could pay me to be your camera man. I am also poor. Haha
Vilen Martirosyan
Vilen Martirosyan پیش 11 روز
you shouldn't put mice in your mouth salmonella please be careful man you are the only reason i watch youtube
buttons&gadgetsdr1 پیش 11 روز
i am curious, how come you never use the double hook design for the larger snakes ? just wondering
Willen Fagundes
Willen Fagundes پیش 11 روز
Dude your content is awesome and you're so funny, honesly the best reptile channel there is
Jason Smith
Jason Smith پیش 11 روز
That owl seriously looks like something Jim Henson made
DarKrow_ پیش 11 روز
That viper be THICC tho
buttons&gadgetsdr1 پیش 11 روز
hes all like '' aahhmm not faaat aahhm big boned ! im jus fluffeh LOL
Brandon Burt
Brandon Burt پیش 11 روز
Any rattlesnakes in your collection? Rattlesnake centric episode???
Gabriel Cianciolo
Gabriel Cianciolo پیش 11 روز
oh sssssso I sssssshouldn't have picked up that rattler in my backyard that fascinated me beyond insssssanity 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (psssss I live in Vermont it wasssss a rattlesssssssnake what exactly did I pick up plssssssss
Madeline Garber
Madeline Garber پیش 11 روز
I made my mom watch a nat geo episode on snakes the other day and she was horrified. I think the gaboon viper gave her nightmares. Meanwhile I’m just sitting there dropping facts having the time of my life. I want that H2O song on spotify.
Noel Alicea
Noel Alicea پیش 11 روز
Tus videos fueran buenos si no hablaras tanta mierda y la que te graba enseña mas los animales y no tu fuckin cara la gente quiere ver los animales
Jimmy Prince
Jimmy Prince پیش 11 روز
What happened to the water moccasin you had?
Brian Hopkins
Brian Hopkins پیش 11 روز
Hi chandelier
Hank Halloran
Hank Halloran پیش 11 روز
Im elven I’m thinking of getting a leopard gecko what do you think?🧐🦎🐍
Lara پیش 11 روز
I’m an Aussie, and I’ve never heard or said that saying.
Nickolas Shults
Nickolas Shults پیش 11 روز
thank you for these videos me and my sons enjoy watching.
QWERTYOP80 پیش 11 روز
One day this guy is going to suddenly stop making videos...
Molly Wood
Molly Wood پیش 11 روز
My favorite part of the video is Childish Gambino
Tracy Bartlett
Tracy Bartlett پیش 11 روز
Love a good shed party 🥳
Sgt Cole
Sgt Cole پیش 11 روز
Why do u not like new England reptiles ha
SPdaBOSS07 پیش 11 روز
You need to make a SECURED shirt
TJ python's
TJ python's پیش 11 روز
Chandler: don't grab venomous poop with your hands because you can get a fang stuck in yeah Also chandler: if I die I die
Shikatzki Uchiha
Shikatzki Uchiha پیش 11 روز
Kevin:do they think they are a challenge to mee