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Mika پیش 2 روز
Late to the party but I did a quick comment on the counties commission page and it’s too bad I couldn’t write more with the small word cap. I also live in Florida but far away from Chandlers. I like watching his funny, educational, and goofy content and seeing his dreams crushed would not be sublime. I am not an adult but he is truly amazing, having to deal with legal issues and IRitem publicity while making a whole damn sanctuary (I can’t imagine the costs). He also advocates for education and is chipper every video despite the stress he probably feels. I wouldn’t have known about the importance of King Cobras and the foundation, neither anything about this genre of animals. Truly, I hope for your success. My comment: Chandlers Wildlife, involving the venomous and dangerous animals. I can understand the communities worries as I myself would be interested and worried about something that can threaten me personally. But I believe the person in question Chandler has done everything legally and corporately and should also receive the same treatment. For however the issue will be addressed, he should not be treated unfairly because of his young age, and instead should receive the respect of an expert in his field.
Sapi Herptile
Sapi Herptile پیش 2 روز
Please please have the conversation sessions with Ziggy🎀 the sweetest croc girl again!! I know she loves you, she wanna listen your strange “croc daddy song” as before once she reminds that you are her daddy.
itzbrit94 پیش 3 روز
Just watched the county meeting where they discussed your property and such. Honestly they seem so single minded and not caring about anything but themselves. Which I understand they are worried about their families and such. But they seemed to be most concerned about animals escaping and causing harm. They seemed to be bothered by not knowing what your hurricane plan is. They think you double bag your reptiles and thats it. Maybe talking to the commission and whatever people are around, letting them know your plans, and inviting them out to see the snake proof room and telling them about your passion they may come to some sort of understanding. I do hope this all settles! Love what you do! keep your head up and doing what you do best, your passion for animals is so incredibly inspiring.
Wayne پیش 4 روز
Theres no audio?
ItsTayzMaiz پیش 4 روز
My favourite wildlife lover/educator since Steve Irwin To Be Honest! You are an absolute legend! Been a big fan of yours for a very long time now & really enjoy all the content you put out. I have always been an animal lover & admire others who share that same love & passion. You deserve everything you have ever worked for! Keep on doing what you're doing! Keep on being that bubbly, weird, funny, carefree, animal loving dude you wake up everyday & choose to be! I appreciate the person you are and aspire to be! I appreciate the difference you are making for wildlife & the difference you are making in people's lives!✌🏼❤
Sage Foxwood
Sage Foxwood پیش 4 روز
and dont play with fish hooks
Antonio Palmas
Antonio Palmas پیش 4 روز
wow these neighbours are the devil ! this shouldn’t be happening !
redline freedive
redline freedive پیش 6 روز
Keep up the great work, chandler. Me and my son love your work. You rock
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker پیش 6 روز
Why are your neighbours doing this you've done nothing wrong and it honestly sounds like they have nothing better to do in their miserable life's but make yours misrible please don't back down.They will probably get board of it. Just keep fighting back because you've worked so hard for this and no one has the right to ruin it.
Maidenlord 666
Maidenlord 666 پیش 7 روز
Buddy you just need a really good lawyer that can sore every bit of this out for you a lot of people have been waiting for this and want to see this and if they're too idiotic to realize it can bring a tourist attraction to third part of town they're idiots
Sarah Drayer
Sarah Drayer پیش 7 روز
You are awesome!! Keep up the good work educating the world of wildlife!!
kokakuu پیش 10 روز
only OGs remember when Ziggy was just a tiny boi
I NEED MONEY پیش 10 روز
People always going to attack those with a dream. It’s jealousy keep doing your thing brother. We proud of you
BOBS BILL پیش 12 روز
sent a msg to your county gl with all that. haters gonna hate
Christina Burnside
Christina Burnside پیش 16 روز
I wrote to the commissioners I am from Clarksburg West Virginia
DarKrow_ پیش 17 روز
No one better not take anything that you love away from you. You've worked hard for this.
Rama Rossi
Rama Rossi پیش 18 روز
am i the only one that thinks Bear doesn't get enough screen time? Honestly, the channel should be rebranded as Bear's Wild Life.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel پیش 18 روز
And I wish that people would talk to you like an adult because there are a lot of people in Florida that do the same thing you do And they take loads of crap for people who think that there are no at all and running their mouth because their conservationist
Dark Angel
Dark Angel پیش 18 روز
It’s very sad to know that a lot of people actually don’t know there are crocodiles in America people only think it’s alligators my dad literally was trying to like argue with me about it and I’m just like no doubt there are crocodiles in Florida and he’s like no there’s not
Amanda P
Amanda P پیش 21 روز
im a teacher and i wrote them a letter for you chandler. good luck buddy!
jriff21 پیش 22 روز
What about filing for defamation?
Jon DeMars
Jon DeMars پیش 22 روز
Have a BBQ and invite the neighbors
Jay Palmer
Jay Palmer پیش 22 روز
Message sent to the county. Thank you for everything you do chandler. My 12-year-old, 14 year old, and myself have learned more about reptiles from you than I have my entire life. We thank you for your continued work and education and your work doing conservation. Keep doing what you're doing and building your dream so the rest of us can watch and learn more.
Evan Sargent
Evan Sargent پیش 22 روز
Don't worry in front of a court of law if it gets to that point the community's lies won't have much weight in front of a judge as you have more evidence to prove your point than them.
Dark Helmet
Dark Helmet پیش 23 روز
Kerens in Florida?
Monica Ramos
Monica Ramos پیش 23 روز
Just wrote in to st lucie. Love you and what you do. They cannot take that away! 💕
D and J ball pythons jackie
How can they do that
Nicolle Warren
Nicolle Warren پیش 24 روز
Wow!! I'm sorry you have a bunch of Karen and Ken's coming for you.
Hannah J
Hannah J پیش 24 روز
It has come to my attention that people are trying to revoke Chandler Kamenesh’s wildlife permits. I have been waiting years to visit Mr. Kamenesh’s wildlife sanctuary as all he cares about is conservation and education. It would deeply saddening for me and the county of St. Lucie to lose out this wonderful that is flourishing in your very backyard. Sincerely, A Nebraska resident Really hoping this all works out Chandler! I’ve been dying to attend your wildlife world for several years!
Shadow Scythes
Shadow Scythes پیش 24 روز
I remember ziggy back in July how fast he’s grown
shaun kells
shaun kells پیش 24 روز
Ziggy always try's to escape and move around in other videos maybe now she is just to big. But still chill.
genius2012 پیش 24 روز
I had no idea that Florida was one of the only places that had crocodiles and alligators living in the same ecosystem!
Ripnlip Tightlines
Ripnlip Tightlines پیش 24 روز
Dude. I want you as my neighbor! Hopefully they don’t take it too far.
Ty Cadge
Ty Cadge پیش 24 روز
Should just tell the news to check you’re videos out. You’re channel shows exactly what you’re about !
MsKendra2u پیش 25 روز
St. Lucie Commissioners have been written to on your behalf. I really hope that they actually take what we as subscribers have to say. You are amazing, keep up the good work!
The Levitator
The Levitator پیش 25 روز
Man Ziggy is really getting big 😯 Btw, “we’re losing ourselves with the way some people act” truer words have never been said
Alieneye90 پیش 25 روز
definetly derserves the support...we all know u worked hard for what you have now
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise پیش 25 روز
Wow, Chandler I am sorry about the absolute ignorance of some individuals what you are doing for conservation and education of these amazing animals is vital. I wish these people would take the time to come speak with you.
A1Bokeh پیش 25 روز
man this would be a lot of fun what part of florida are you in man? any need for a camera guy?
keith centeno
keith centeno پیش 25 روز
I have been waiting years to come see Chandler and his animals. These people will not take that opportunity away from me.
Alaina Norzagaray
Alaina Norzagaray پیش 25 روز
10:35 People like to paint others as cruel to make themselves feel better about fearing/attacking that person. The fact that your animals flourish under your care speaks of the kind of human you are and your 1.6 MILLION viewers know that. If your neighbors are too ignorant and afraid to talk to you or watch your channel, that's on them.
Alaina Norzagaray
Alaina Norzagaray پیش 25 روز
Chandler: She's becoming more of a crocodile Me: Have you met middle school girls?
Prince Akilesh
Prince Akilesh پیش 25 روز
A 23 y/o dude with a 17 y/o craziness...killer combo 😂👊 Love your content.
Zack Schilling
Zack Schilling پیش 25 روز
This is ridiculous. I hate busybody neighbors. I think Florida has a few other problems and should worry about the major issues and not a beyond qualified guy trying to save some the cool creatures we have on this planet by educating the public. Just because you re not some stuffy scientist and you try to entertain people while educating doesn't mean you re any less qualified than them. I could see if your animals were escaping all the time or you were mistreating them, but you re not. This kind of outreach does a much better job of informing people about how special this creatures are. If anyone does read this, make sure if you contact anyone in the Florida/city government, please be respectful, tell them what you have learn from just watching Chandlers video and that the neighbors have nothing to worry about.
Lindworn پیش 25 روز
That’s so sad they’re slowing you down for no reason I’ve been following you probably since like late 8th grade and it bothers me now as a junior to see people talking bad about someone who is so set on doing the right thing
Justin Honshul
Justin Honshul پیش 26 روز
Imagine the amount of emails his county got from all his fans😭😭😂
KaaSerpent پیش 26 روز
I really hate stupid people who don't even WANT to learn.
David Miller
David Miller پیش 26 روز
Hey, why don't you feed Ziggy more than just the meat? Why not add organs and bones to her diet?
Zanqere پیش 26 روز
I would be more than excited to talk to you because I love animals. Why can't your neighbors just appreciate the fact that you earned all this?
Love my DandyLion
Love my DandyLion پیش 26 روز
Miranda Bradley
Miranda Bradley پیش 26 روز
Love watching Chandler! He is Excellent at education! Takes what he does very seriously! Wish people would just give him a chance. He works with highly respected reptile keepers. Sad people judge before they even get to know him!
Morten Olsen
Morten Olsen پیش 26 روز
I really hope your neighbors at some point get their sticks removed from their asses... Some people just don’t have anything interesting going on in their lives so they latch out on everyone else that do. Beara are a super cute baby giant 😎🙏🏼
Kerry پیش 26 روز
Jeez, I’d be more concerned about the humans around you, nevermind your animals. Be careful.
Riverbreak پیش 26 روز
Don't think your neighbors have any clue how big of a can of worms they are opening by treating you this way. You have a massive community of people behind you, ready to support you.
Graham Stovall
Graham Stovall پیش 26 روز
Borat funny asf
Hostess Goromi majima
Hostess Goromi majima پیش 26 روز
I'm dealing with my mom and neighbors who hates snakes and all I want is a cute albino pie ball python
Danny Nguyen
Danny Nguyen پیش 26 روز
"Extra wild life" 🤣😂🤣😂
Louisiana Girl
Louisiana Girl پیش 26 روز
I just sent this comment: Good afternoon! I understand that there have been concerns regarding Chandler's Wildlife relocating to your community. I have been a follower of his for a long time, and he's a wonderful ambassador and educator for all wildlife. He takes excellent care of his animals, and genuinely cares about not only his animals, but educating the world about them. He is always about the safety of not only his animals, but also those around him. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!
Jojo Hastie
Jojo Hastie پیش 26 روز
Is Landon friends with Jacob feder and ask that question in a video
Steph Cuckeq LJw
Steph Cuckeq LJw پیش 26 روز
Sorry if I am being dumb. But can somebody point me in the right direction with a web address or something? I’m in England U.K. and I love these videos. Have always been petrified of snakes Chandler is helping me to understand them more. Would hate to lose someone who does what’s best for the animal and doesn’t just breed for money gain!
Zahra Mitchell
Zahra Mitchell پیش 26 روز
Hey, my 7 year old son Ailesh adores you and literally asks me everyday when we can go to Florida and see your facility. He dreams of following in your footsteps. We just sent a respectful message to the county saying that you would be an asset to the community. Wishing you all the luck from Texas!
Μιχάλης Μιχαηλίδης
"Good Girl" to .......... a crocodile ! .
Bryan K. Brancaccio Jr.
Bryan K. Brancaccio Jr. پیش 26 روز
Hey Chandler your in Fort Peirce that's awesome I use to live in Port St. Lucie and plan on moving back from Jersey when I do I need to stop by and check your place out love what you do
Daniel Mizak JR
Daniel Mizak JR پیش 26 روز
5:03 she just kicks her feet out and starts lounging love it 😍🐊
Daniel Mizak JR
Daniel Mizak JR پیش 26 روز
Zingy is so cute I love all of them 😍😜🥰
Hamreesh Ba
Hamreesh Ba پیش 26 روز
It makes me sad that chandler is trying so hard to keep endangered animals from going extinct but the people around him don’t understand and are trying to stop him #dontStopChandler
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke پیش 26 روز
How much are you thinking a private tour will run?
Kind People
Kind People پیش 27 روز
Done... supported you!
Adam Ward
Adam Ward پیش 27 روز
Hi Chandler, I wrote to the local commissioners. I appreciate all that you do, I’m a biology, chemistry, and outdoor recreation teacher in duval county in north Florida and I’ve utilized your videos to advocate to my students to get out and enjoy nature as well as to educate them regarding native species. I can say that your spunk helps my students enjoy learning about the various species that you cover. You’re a great advocate for nature and our ecosystems in Florida. Best of luck and Keep doing what you’re doing.
frank tom
frank tom پیش 27 روز
Messaged the county for you man👍
Brad Abrams
Brad Abrams پیش 27 روز
Good old cancel culture smh. Do what you do bro, to hell with them
Mya Gottardis
Mya Gottardis پیش 27 روز
i literally left for two secs and ziggy already 1000x bigger then the last time i saw her that’s crazy she got so big
Jakob Estrada
Jakob Estrada پیش 27 روز
Hey man huge fan in Miami rn would love to come check out the place this week!
Mfkn Fred
Mfkn Fred پیش 27 روز
iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/baWKZ864umTXfIE.html fast forward to 2:56:35 love the channel but here’s what Chandler is dealing with
Andreas Pieringer
Andreas Pieringer پیش 27 روز
"Hello, I am writing in reference to the increasing complaints from neighbors of Chandler's Wild life. In my years of watching and observing Chandler, he has shown and taught me all about the importance of safety and respect when dealing with these animals and also in general. To see the community he has moved to try to hinder his education and permit is very disappointing. Please reconsider your decision. I would gladly vouch for Chandler anytime." Best regards from an Austrian Guy who lives in the Dominican Republic :-)
The flying Handbag
The flying Handbag پیش 27 روز
Chandler get some good quality CCTV up brother ASAP just incase 🙏❤️
Jennifer Agui
Jennifer Agui پیش 27 روز
Left an email. This is wrong!
stevo Huddleston
stevo Huddleston پیش 27 روز
Respect to you and have left a comment at the government page in massive support of you and everything you are doing
Constança Brandão
Constança Brandão پیش 27 روز
It is very sad that you have to deal with this kind of people. I cannot help by writting to anyone, because I am not from de USA. So I'm sending only good energy your way. Keep true to yourself. Continue to follow your dreams, keep up the good work and never abandon your beliefs. Things will work out for the best, you just need to continue to be this amazing guy, that fights for our animals, fight to educate people , always put a smile on people's faces and makes the world a better place everyday. Thank you
Marie Parsons
Marie Parsons پیش 27 روز
You have to worry that the neighbors will get the zoning changed. Zoning board members are just people. They may very well bend to the wishes of a concerted push by your neighbors. Even though it isn't right. Time for you to talk to a professional, my friend. Also, if you were 50 yrs old and a quiet person, I doubt your neighbors would pick on you. I imagine part of this is that you are young and appear to be wild. People who are afraid are not going to be able to see that you are a professional under your energetic lifestyle. Would anyone on the licensing board be willing to make a video describing everything you had to do to get your license? You can't change how old you are or your personality, but I think those are not helping your case with your neighbors. From there, the haters started to make things up to inflame each other. I think you have to be proactive and fast. Actually, about two months ago, Clint interviewed that lawyer fellow that helped fight a ban somewhere. Why don't you see what that lawyer advises. He knows his stuff. Best of luck! But I suggest that you get to work on this asap!
Ray Hardie
Ray Hardie پیش 27 روز
Chandler I can’t wait to see when you have your place properly up and running I love watching your videos keep doing the great work you do 👍
Nikki Styxx
Nikki Styxx پیش 27 روز
Gareth Osland
Gareth Osland پیش 27 روز
Keep doing you fella, you always put your animals first conservation is key people like you are who we need excuse the French but if your neighbours don't like you fuck um.
Adeum Deus
Adeum Deus پیش 27 روز
Wow! They grow so quickly!!
Mike Strassel
Mike Strassel پیش 27 روز
Appreciate everything you do and I hope it all works out for you in the end, I think your one of the best educational channels on the platform itself
Ashley Phinnessee
Ashley Phinnessee پیش 27 روز
People are crazy these days! I'm all for what you do for wild life.
co master
co master پیش 27 روز
Crazy camo
White پیش 27 روز
23! Fucking insane dude keep it up. It sucks that older jealous people in your neighborhood are causing drama. Could you imagine if this guy a was black he would have already been on a burning cross
Diffusian پیش 27 روز
Thousandth comment
Aldiggy2000 پیش 27 روز
Ziggy's just going through his teenage years
Brandon Mccoy
Brandon Mccoy پیش 27 روز
I find it mildly amusing that these are the same people that would be like " COME MAKE ME" if someone told them what to do on their personal property.
Heather Farmer
Heather Farmer پیش 27 روز
You’re AMAZING to be doing this at only 23 and it’s great for you to be doing this so you can teach us about these animals. Thank you so much for all you do!
hello پیش 27 روز
You're 100% right about the media.
Davis Hazelett
Davis Hazelett پیش 27 روز
your neighbors are like those entitled kids that cry when something doesn't go there way.
L.L. Hogie
L.L. Hogie پیش 27 روز
If you can go out of your day to share this to even just one person it saves the wild animals and chandlers career and what he’s been building and dreaming of since 13years old!! And handling them for over a decade now, if you don’t think this man deserves his licenses then i don’t know a single animal caretakers that deserve their licenses
Raimie Lee
Raimie Lee پیش 27 روز
We ALL support you Chandler!!!! You are doing great things with your life and for the reptiles!!!! RESPECT!!!!!
JC Explorations
JC Explorations پیش 27 روز
Mad respect for you and what you do man! ignore the haters, stay positive and keep the fight going you will win in the end man! Massive legend you and tyler actually got me over my fear of all snakes and now i own a snake myself. so keep up the great work your going bro proud of you!
Carol Hollinger
Carol Hollinger پیش 27 روز
hmmm dang your neighbors will end up with a mamba in their mailboxes hahaha kidding!!!! hope all goes well for you.
Koopa koopakiller10
Koopa koopakiller10 پیش 27 روز
The oops do anything to get anyone in trouble so dumb I fell bad chandler it’s been so long you have come so far you don’t deserve this
Evelyn Adams
Evelyn Adams پیش 27 روز
I just wrote a message to the county officials. I haven't been following you for very long, but I can see how passionate you are about the animals and this huge project you've got on your hands. You're an inspiration! Hope the county officials get enough messages to understand how important your work is!